Gridiron Grudges: Pats vs. Jets Upcoming Game Info & Rivalry History

When Do the New England Patriots and New York Jets Play Next?

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Are the New England Patriots and the New York Jets Rivals?

Yes, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets are rivals within the National Football League. The Jets and Patriots are both a divisional rivalry and a geographic rivalry. Both New England and New York play in the AFC East, with the winner of the division receiving an automatic berth into the NFL Playoffs every season. Boston and New York have rivalries across all major sports, so it’s no surprise that this fierce competitiveness bleeds into the NFL as well.

Who are the New England Patriots’ Biggest Rivals?

The Patriots’ biggest rivals are their peers in the AFC East: the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. Because New England has had one of the most impressive runs of success in NFL history since 2000, they’ve developed a number of intensely competitive rivalries in both the AFC and NFC. Some of the Patriots’ other rivalries are with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Indianapolis Colts, the Tennessee Titans, and the New York Giants.

Who are the New York Jets’ Biggest Rivals?

The Jets’ biggest rivals are their foes in the AFC East: the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. The Jets also have a Big Apple rivalry with the New York Giants. The Giants and Jets are one of only two pairs of teams that share a city and stadium with a cross-conference rival, with the other being Los Angeles (Chargers and Rams).

Game Results Between the Jets & Patriots

Entering 2023, the head-to-head series has been largely dominated by New England. The two franchises have met 128 times since 1960, with New England holding a record of 73-54-1 against the Jets, including a 2-1 record in the postseason. The series went back and forth for four decades, but with the turn of the millennium, New England went on an unprecedented run of success (including a 37-11 record against the Jets). Entering 2023, New England has won 14 straight games over New York.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
11/20/2022PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England10-3
10/30/2022JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England22-17
10/24/2021PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England54-13
09/19/2021JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England25-6
01/03/2021PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England28-14
11/09/2020JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England30-27
10/21/2019JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England33-0
09/22/2019PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England30-14
12/30/2018PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England38-3
11/25/2018JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England27-13
12/31/2017PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England26-6
10/15/2017JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England24-17
12/24/2016PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England41-3
11/27/2016JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England22-17
12/27/2015JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew York26-20
10/25/2015PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England30-23
12/21/2014JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England17-16
10/16/2014PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England27-25
10/20/2013JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew York30-27
09/12/2013PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England13-10
11/22/2012JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England49-19
10/21/2012PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England29-26
11/13/2011JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England37-16
10/09/2011PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England30-21
01/16/2011PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York28-21
12/06/2010PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England45-3
09/19/2010JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew York28-14
11/22/2009PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England31-14
09/20/2009JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew York16-9
11/13/2008PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York34-31
09/14/2008JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England19-10
12/16/2007PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England20-10
09/09/2007JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England38-14
01/07/2007PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England37-16
11/12/2006PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York17-14
09/17/2006JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England24-17
12/26/2005JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England31-21
12/04/2005PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England16-3
12/26/2004JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England23-7
10/24/2004PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England13-7
12/20/2003JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England21-16
09/21/2003PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew England23-16
12/22/2002PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York30-17
09/15/2002JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England44-7
12/02/2001JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England17-16
09/23/2001PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York10-3
10/15/2000PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York34-17
09/11/2000JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew York20-19
11/15/1999PatriotsJetsGillette StadiumNew York24-17
09/12/1999JetsPatriotsMetLife StadiumNew England30-28

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets History

The rivalry between the Patriots and the Jets, especially since 2000, has been a tale of two polar opposites. The Jets won their first and only Super Bowl in 1968, Super Bowl III, behind the stellar play of Hall-of-Fame quarterback Joe Namath. Since then, they’ve been on a rocky road to try to reclaim that success, only winning two AFC East Championships entering 2023 (1998 and 2002).

Meanwhile, the Patriots have been in nine Super Bowls between 2002 and 2023 and have landed six Super Bowl championships. The Patriots have also had a stranglehold over the AFC East, winning the division 17 times between 2000-2023.

There have been a number of contentious moments between the two franchises, notably surrounding head coaches: In 1997, Hall-of-Fame head coach Bill Parcells jumped from New England to New York, which drew the ire of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, but also paved the way for the Patriots to exact their revenge in 2000. When Parcells retired from coaching, his assistant head coach, Bill Belichick, was also out of a job. After initially accepting the Jets Head Coach position, he resigned at a press conference for his hiring and instead took the Patriots job. After litigation with the NFL in federal court over contractual obligations, the Patriots had to formally trade for Belichick.

Where Do the New York Jets and New England Patriots Play?

MetLife Stadium, known as The Meadowlands, has been the home of both the New York Jets and Giants since 2010, replacing Giants Stadium. While the team claims New York, MetLife Stadium is actually in East Rutherford, New Jersey. As one of the largest stadiums in the NFL, MetLife has a maximum capacity of 82,500.

The New England Patriots have called Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, home since 2002. Located roughly 20 miles south of Boston, Gillette Stadium has a maximum capacity of 65,878 and has also hosted notable events like the NCAA Lacrosse National Championships, the NHL® Winter Classic, the MLS Cup and several FIFA Women’s World Cup games.

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