Pats vs. Phins: Upcoming Game Info & AFC East Rivalry History

When Do the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots Play Next?

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Are the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots Rivals?

The Patriots and Dolphins are heated rivals, with a rich history in the NFL that runs deep. Ever since 1967, the two have been going head to head twice a season (once home, once away), since they’re both members of the AFC East conference.

Who are the Miami Dolphins’ Biggest Rivals?

Outside of the Patriots, the Miami Dolphins’ biggest rivals are the Jets and the Bills, both members of the AFC East. Each of these three teams has had fierce competition with the Dolphins over the years. Although the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts are outside of Miami’s division, they also have a heated history with the Dolphins. A slight in-state rivalry with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also exists.

Who are the New England Patriots’ Biggest Rivals?

In addition to the Dolphins, the New England Patriots’ five biggest rivals are the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Indianapolis Colts. These teams have given the Patriots the hardest time in their march to Super Bowl victories. For instance, the Giants became a big rival when they broke the Patriots’ undefeated season in Super Bowl XLII, and the Steelers became a rival for the Patriots when they went head to head in the Super Bowl in the 1990s.

Game Results Between the Patriots & Dolphins

The Patriots vs. Dolphins rivalry is arguably one of the biggest in the AFC East. The Patriots and Dolphins have met more than 110 times, and there have been quite a few close contests along with a couple of shutouts. In any case, Patriots vs. Dolphins games can often get pretty tense.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
01/01/2023PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England23-21
09/11/2022DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami20-7
01/09/2022DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami33-24
09/12/2021PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami17-16
12/20/2020DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami22-12
09/13/2020PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England21-11
12/29/2019PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami27-24
09/15/2019DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England43-0
12/09/2018DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami34-33
09/30/2018PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England38-7
12/11/2017DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami27-20
11/26/2017PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England35-17
01/01/2017DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England35-14
09/18/2016PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England31-24
01/03/2016DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami20-10
10/29/2015PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England36-7
12/14/2014PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England41-13
09/07/2014DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami33-20
12/15/2013DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami24-20
10/27/2013PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England27-17
12/30/2012PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England28-0
12/02/2012DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England23-16
12/24/2011PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England27-24
09/12/2011DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England38-24
01/02/2011PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England38-7
10/04/2010DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England41-14
12/06/2009DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami22-21
11/08/2009PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England27-17
11/23/2008DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England48-28
09/21/2008PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami38-13
12/23/2007PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England28-7
10/21/2007DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England49-28
12/10/2006DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami21-0
10/08/2006PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England20-10
01/01/2006PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami28-26
11/13/2005DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England23-16
12/20/2004DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami29-28
10/10/2004PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England24-10
12/07/2003PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England12-0
10/19/2003DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumNew England19-13
12/29/2002PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England27-24
10/06/2002DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami26-13
12/22/2001PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England20-13
10/07/2001DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami30-10
12/24/2000PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami27-24
09/24/2000DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami10-3
11/21/1999DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami27-17
10/17/1999PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumMiami31-30
11/23/1998PatriotsDolphinsGillette StadiumNew England26-23
10/25/1998DolphinsPatriotsHard Rock StadiumMiami12-9

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots History

The Patriots vs. Dolphins rivalry has been a heated one. Since they’re in the same division, they play each other frequently, continually building the rivalry. Also, the geographical distance between the teams certainly contributes to the rivalry, particularly since the climates differ greatly. Each team has a late-game home advantage: the Dolphins are used to the hot and humid conditions of Florida, while the Patriots are accustomed to months of practice in the bone-chilling New England cold.

At the beginning of the Dolphins/Patriots rivalry, the two were worlds apart, given that the Dolphins were a top NFL team and the Patriots were at the bottom of the barrel in comparison. However, the Patriots fought hard for success and even beat the Dolphins in the 1985 AFC Championship, earning the right to fight in the Super Bowl that year.

There have been many other events in the rivalry that have stoked the fire between the teams. In 1982, there was a snowstorm during the Patriots’ home game and for most of the game, neither team was able to score, until a snowplow made way for a Patriots’ field goal, which won the game, despite protests from Dolphins coach Don Shula. In 2008, Tom Brady was out with an ACL injury during the earlier part of the season, and the Dolphins upset the Patriots that year.

Another major event was dubbed “The Night that Courage Wore Orange,” where the 2-11 Dolphins beat the 12-1 Patriots in 2004. There was also the “Miracle in Miami,” where the Dolphins upset the Patriots for the second time in 2018 with a hook and lateral scoring play, right at game’s end. Both teams have posted impressive undefeated streaks. The 1972 Dolphins went 17-0, winning a Super Bowl. Then, in 2007 the Patriots won 18 straight games, but came up just short of perfection, losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Another contributing factor in the Patriots vs. Dolphins rivalry has been one team hiring the other’s former coaches, assistants, and players. Bill Parcells started out with the Patriots, but later became an executive with the Dolphins; Brian Flores was hired by Miami in 2019 after being with the Patriots since 2004, and Wes Welker was hired in 2022 by the Dolphins some years after his storied playing career with the Patriots.

It doesn’t seem like this rivalry is going to be dying down anytime soon. The Dolphins reached five Super Bowl games in the ’70s and ’80s and won two of them. The Patriots, on the other hand, have reached 11 Super Bowl championship games and won six. Both are the only NFL teams that scored a perfect victory, the coveted undefeated regular season, since the NFL and AFL joined together. These rivals make great opponents, so the games are likely to be as entertaining as ever going forward.

Where Do the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins Play?

Completed in 2002, Gillette Stadium became the New England Patriots’ home stadium, replacing the old Foxboro Stadium. The Patriots still play their home games at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

When the Miami Dolphins are the home team, the rivals play at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Originally, the stadium was named after Joe Robbie, the Dolphins’ owner at the time, but it has gone through several name changes since its 1987 opening.

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