Ravens vs. Browns: Upcoming Game Info & Rivalry History

When Do the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns Play Next?

Baltimore Ravens tickets and Cleveland Browns tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns Rivals?

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns are very intense rivals. Fueled by the attempted relocation of the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore, this rivalry is heralded as one of the most contentious in the NFL. Since 1999, the Browns and the Ravens have been in the same division, the American Football Conference (AFC) North, and have played twice every year, fanning the flames of the rivalry between players, coaches, fans, and even ownership groups.

Who are the Baltimore Ravens’ Biggest Rivals?

Since the Ravens arrived in Baltimore, they have experienced a high level of success, winning six division championships, two AFC Championships and two Super Bowls. On the road to their success, they’ve developed a number of rivalries within their conference. Most notably, the Baltimore Ravens’ biggest rivals are the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, all of whom are members of the AFC North. Additionally, the Baltimore Ravens have had postseason run-ins with the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans, which inevitably spurred rivalries.

Who are the Cleveland Browns’ Biggest Rivals?

While they have not had a recent period of decorated success, the Cleveland Browns historically were a force in the NFL and developed a number of intense rivalries within the National Football League. The Browns’ biggest rivals are the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, all of whom play within the AFC North. The Browns also have historical rivalries that date back as far as the 1950s with the Detroit Lions, the Denver Broncos, the Tennessee Titans and the San Francisco 49ers.

Game Results Between the Ravens and Browns

The rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns is one of the fiercest in the NFL, and looking at their head-to-head record over the years can give insight into which team has had the upper hand:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
12/17/2022BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland13-3
10/23/2022RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore23-20
12/12/2021BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland24-22
11/28/2021RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore16-10
12/14/2020BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore47-42
09/13/2020RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore38-6
12/22/2019BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore31-15
09/29/2019RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumCleveland40-25
12/30/2018RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore26-24
10/07/2018BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland12-9
12/17/2017BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore27-10
09/17/2017RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore24-10
11/10/2016RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore28-7
09/18/2016BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore25-20
11/30/2015BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore33-27
10/11/2015RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumCleveland33-30
12/28/2014RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore20-10
09/21/2014BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore23-21
11/03/2013BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland24-18
09/15/2013RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore14-6
11/04/2012BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore25-15
09/27/2012RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore23-16
12/24/2011RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore20-14
12/04/2011BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore24-10
12/26/2010BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore20-10
09/26/2010RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore24-17
11/16/2009BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore16-0
09/27/2009RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore34-3
11/02/2008BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore37-27
09/21/2008RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore28-10
11/18/2007RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumCleveland33-30
09/30/2007BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland27-13
12/17/2006RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore27-17
09/24/2006BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore15-14
01/01/2006BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland20-16
10/16/2005RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore16-3
11/07/2004RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore27-13
09/12/2004BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland20-3
12/21/2003BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore35-0
09/14/2003RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore33-13
12/22/2002RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumCleveland14-13
10/06/2002BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore26-21
11/18/2001RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumCleveland27-17
10/21/2001BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumCleveland24-14
11/26/2000RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore44-7
10/01/2000BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore12-0
11/07/1999BrownsRavensFirstEnergy StadiumBaltimore41-9
09/26/1999RavensBrownsM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore17-10

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns History

There are three recent examples of owners relocating their franchises from one major city in the United States to the other, despite protest from local fans and government officials, most recently, when Stan Kroenke moved the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles. In 1983, the Baltimore Colts moved under the cover of night to Indianapolis despite uproar across the league. The league worked to bring a franchise back to Baltimore, but to the despair of Browns fans, that meant potentially losing their franchise.

On November 6, 1995, then-Browns owner Art Modell announced that he signed an agreement to move the Browns to Baltimore for the next season. Shortly thereafter, the City of Cleveland both voted to issue a tax to renovate the Browns stadium, and elected to sue the Browns for breach of lease. As a compromise, the NFL elected to “deactivate” the Browns franchise for three years, to allow a new stadium to be built, and for the city to keep the name, colors, history, archives, and likeness in Cleveland, but would allow Modell to move the players and personnel to Baltimore to form the Ravens.

A year after the Ravens were established, they won Super Bowl XXXV, adding fuel to the despair of Cleveland fans and distaste toward Baltimore. The Ravens have largely controlled the series head-to-head against the Browns, going 35–14 between 1999 and 2022, including a streak of 11 straight wins from 2008–2013.

Where Do the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns Play?

The home of the Baltimore Ravens is M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Built in 1998, M&T Bank Stadium cost the city of Baltimore $220 million to construct and seats 70,745 fans. Outside of the NFL, the stadium has hosted a number of Army–Navy football games, Johns Hopkins University men’s lacrosse games, NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championships, CONCACAF Gold Cup elimination games, and several notable concerts.

Meanwhile, FirstEnergy Stadium is the home of the Cleveland Browns. As part of the city measure to keep the Browns in Cleveland, the Browns were granted a new, city-paid stadium that cost $283 million and was renovated in two parts as recently as 2016. The listed capacity of FirstEnergy Stadium, located in downtown Cleveland, is 67,431.

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