The Silver & Black vs. The Red & Gold: Raiders & Chiefs

When Do the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs Play Next?

Las Vegas Raiders tickets and Kansas City Chiefs tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

Are the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs Rivals?

Yes, the Raiders and Chiefs are longtime NFL division rivals, both competing in the AFC West. The rivalry has been fueled by their history of competing for division championships.

Who are the Las Vegas Raiders’ Biggest Rivals?

The Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs is considered to be one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. The two teams have shared the same division since 1960. The Raiders also have a bitter rivalry against another AFC West foe in the Denver Broncos, and a rivalry against the San Francisco 49ers due to the two teams’ former close proximity.

Who are the Kansas City Chiefs’ Biggest Rivals?

The Chiefs’ biggest rival is the Las Vegas Raiders. In addition to the Raiders, the Chiefs also consider the Denver Broncos their other major rival.

Game Results Between the Chiefs & Raiders

The Chiefs and Raiders have played each other more than 128 times since the 1960 season. The Chiefs have controlled much of the rivalry, holding a sizeable advantage in their head to head record over the Raiders. The teams have met three times in the playoffs, with the Chiefs winning two games and the Raiders one.

Some of the most notable games include the 1968 AFL Championship. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, the Raiders blew out the Chiefs 41-6.

A few years later, in 1970, the Chiefs held a late 17-14 fourth quarter lead. Chiefs QB Len Dawson picked up a first down to run out the clock when Raiders defensive end Ben Davidson had a late hit on Dawson. It resulted in Davidson’s suspension and a bench-clearing brawl that drew offsetting penalties from each side. The penalties negated the first down and the Raiders took control of the ball and a George Blanda field goal with eight seconds left led to a 17-17 tie and the Raiders winning the AFC West over the Chiefs.

In 2000, the two teams battled in the season finale. The Raiders had been eliminated from the playoffs and a Chiefs win would give Kansas City a postseason berth. The Raiders played spoiler on that day with a 41-38 win, which eliminated the Chiefs from the playoffs.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
01/07/2023RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City31-13
10/10/2022ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City30-29
12/12/2021ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City48-9
11/14/2021RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City41-14
11/22/2020RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City35-31
10/11/2020ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas40-32
12/01/2019ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City40-9
09/15/2019RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City28-10
12/30/2018ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City35-3
12/02/2018RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City40-33
12/10/2017ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City26-15
10/19/2017RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas31-30
12/08/2016ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City21-13
10/16/2016RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City26-10
01/03/2016ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City23-17
12/06/2015RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City34-20
12/14/2014ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City31-13
11/20/2014RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas24-20
12/15/2013RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City56-31
10/13/2013ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City24-7
12/16/2012RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas15-0
10/28/2012ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas26-16
12/24/2011ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas16-13
10/23/2011RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City28-0
01/02/2011ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas31-10
11/07/2010RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas23-20
11/15/2009RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City16-10
09/20/2009ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas13-10
11/30/2008RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City20-13
09/14/2008ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas23-8
11/25/2007ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas20-17
10/21/2007RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City12-10
12/23/2006RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City20-9
11/19/2006ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City17-13
11/06/2005ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City27-23
09/18/2005RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City23-17
12/25/2004ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City31-30
12/05/2004RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City34-27
11/23/2003ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City27-24
10/20/2003RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City17-10
12/28/2002RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas24-0
10/27/2002ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City20-10
12/09/2001RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas28-26
09/09/2001ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas27-24
11/05/2000RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumLas Vegas49-31
10/15/2000ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas20-17
01/02/2000ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumLas Vegas41-38
11/28/1999RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City37-34
12/26/1998RaidersChiefsAllegiant StadiumKansas City31-24
09/06/1998ChiefsRaidersArrowhead StadiumKansas City28-8

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs History

The Chiefs vs. Raiders rivalry is considered one of the NFL’s most intense rivalries. The two teams have met more than 148 times in their bitter history and have played at least twice annually since the 1960 season.

The two teams were both in the American Football League when the league was established in 1960, and were both in the AFC West following the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

The Chiefs were originally known as the Dallas Texans, and the first game between the two teams was a 34-16 win over the Texans. Later that season, the Raiders beat the Texans 20-19.

The Texans relocated to Kansas City following the 1962 season and were renamed the Kansas City Chiefs.

The early rivalry saw each team competing for Super Bowl berths, with the Chiefs playing in the first Super Bowl in 1966. In 1968, the Chiefs and Raiders battled in the AFL Championship, with the Raiders winning 41-6 to reach the Super Bowl. The Chiefs got revenge the following season with a 17-7 win over the Raiders in the AFL Championship and went on to beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl.

The ’70s and ’80s saw much of the rivalry controlled by the Raiders as they became one of the premiere franchises in the NFL and were annually competing for Super Bowl championships. But, beginning in the ’90s, the Chiefs have had the upper hand, including a dominant 18-2 record during the ’90s.

From 2003–2007, the Chiefs had a nine-game winning streak against the Raiders before the Raiders finally snapped the streak with a 20-17 win over the Chiefs in their last battle of the 2007 season.

From the 2013 season to the conclusion of the 2022 season, the Chiefs have a 17-3 record, including a five-game winning streak dating back to the 2020 season.

Where Do the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders Play?

The Chiefs play their home games at one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL –  GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium located in in Kansas City, Missouri, while the Raiders play their home games at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was opened in the summer of 2020 and accommodates up to 65,000 fans.

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