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When Do the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens Play Next?

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Are the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens Rivals?

Yes, the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens have a gritty, burning rivalry within the NFL. Because they do not play in the same division, the two franchises only play every three years in the regular season. But the games between the Titans and the Ravens are known for including big hits, controversy and animosity between players, coaches and fans alike. The Titans and Ravens have also met five times in the postseason between 2001–2023.

Who are the Tennessee Titans’ Biggest Rivals?

While they are a relatively new franchise in their current city (only being in Nashville since 1999), Tennessee kept the records, retired jerseys and rivalries of their predecessor, the Houston Oilers, and as such have a handful of deeply passionate rivalries within the NFL. The Titans’ main rivals are their counterparts in the AFC South: the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans. The Titans also have historic rivalries with the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who are the Baltimore Ravens’ Biggest Rivals?

The Baltimore Ravens are also a relatively young franchise, only coming into the league in 1996. However, due to the consistency of ownership and front-office, the Ravens have been perennial contenders in both the AFC and the NFL and have developed a number of rivalries. As members of the AFC North, one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL, the Ravens have intense divisional rivalries with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. Baltimore also has rivalries with the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots.

Game Results Between the Baltimore Ravens & Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens have built up a competitive rivalry over the years that has resulted in numerous exciting games and memorable moments. Their head-to-head matchups are eagerly anticipated by fans of both teams, and their history of tight battles and intense showdowns has solidified their status as two of the NFL’s top competitors:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
01/10/2021TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore20-13
11/22/2020RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee30-24
01/11/2020RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee28-12
10/14/2018TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore21-0
11/05/2017TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee23-20
11/09/2014RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore21-7
09/18/2011TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee26-13
01/10/2009TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore13-10
10/05/2008RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee13-10
11/12/2006TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore27-26
09/18/2005TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee25-10
01/03/2004RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee20-17
11/24/2002RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore13-12
11/12/2001TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore16-10
10/07/2001RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore26-7
01/07/2001TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore24-10
11/12/2000TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore24-23
10/22/2000RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee14-6
12/05/1999RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore41-14
10/10/1999TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee14-11
12/06/1998TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee16-14
10/11/1998RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee12-8
12/14/1997RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumBaltimore21-19
09/21/1997TitansRavensNissan StadiumBaltimore36-10
12/22/1996RavensTitansM&T Bank StadiumTennessee24-21
09/15/1996TitansRavensNissan StadiumTennessee29-13

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens History

The first meeting between these two franchises came on September 15, 1996 when the then-Houston Oilers trounced the Ravens in their first year of play, beating them 29-13 in the Houston Astrodome. Overall, from 1996 to 2023, the Titans and the Ravens have met 26 times, with neither team able to get an edge over the other at 13 wins each.

Things remain extremely close in the postseason head-to-head, with Baltimore holding a narrow edge 3-2 in five games. Additionally, the number of total points scored in those five games is 86-81, with Baltimore maintaining their edge, indicating how close each game has been. Since Baltimore became a franchise, each team has won their respective division six times.

One of the contention points between Tennessee and Baltimore came in 2006, when the Titans traded their MVP quarterback Steve “Air” McNair to Baltimore due to a contract dispute. McNair went on to play two more seasons in Baltimore before retiring, but fans were frustrated with the Titans front office for the move. In the 2008 Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, the Ravens upset the top-seeded Titans behind the play of rookie quarterback Joe Flacco and former Titans star receiver Derrick Mason. In 2020 and 2021, the two teams met again in the playoffs, with the Titans winning in 2020 behind a masterclass from running back Derrick Henry and the Ravens exacting their revenge a year later.

Where Do the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans Play?

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Tennessee Titans call Nissan Stadium their home field. Formerly known as LP Field, Nissan Stadium has been the home of the Titans since 1999 and has a seating capacity of 69,143. The Titans are in advanced conversations with the city of Nashville to demolish Nissan Stadium and build a brand new stadium in its place.

Known by fans as “The Bank,” “Ravens Flock,” “The Vault,” and “The Big Crabcake,” M&T Bank Stadium is located just south of downtown Baltimore. M&T Bank Stadium has been the Ravens’ home since 1998, and has a capacity of 70,745. The stadium cost $220 million to develop and construct and is known for a bronze statue at the front of the stadium of hall-of-famer Johnny Unitas.

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