Cardinals vs. 49ers: Upcoming Game Info & Rivalry History

When Do the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers Play Next?

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Are the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers Rivals?

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers have a bitter rivalry within the National Football League, and a division rivalry within the NFC West. As members of the NFC West, the Cardinals and the 49ers play each other twice a season. The Cardinals and 49ers, along with the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams, compete for supremacy of the NFC West, with the winner receiving an automatic berth to the NFL Playoffs.

Who are the Arizona Cardinals’ Biggest Rivals?

The Arizona Cardinals have a number of intense rivalries within the National Football League. Their most prominent rivals are those they compete against in the NFC West: the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. Additionally, as two of the teams left from the original inception of the NFL, the Cardinals also have a rivalry with the Chicago Bears.

Who are the San Francisco 49ers’ Biggest Rivals?

As one of the most established and successful franchises in the NFL, the 49ers have developed a number of fiercely competitive rivalries over the years. While their primary rivals are within the NFC West — the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams — the 49ers also have rivalries rooted in geography with the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers. Additionally, they have rivalries with the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

Game Results Between the Arizona Cardinals & San Francisco 49ers

The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers have a fierce rivalry in the NFC West, with both teams vying for divisional supremacy and playoff berths:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
01/08/202349ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco38-13
11/21/2022Cardinals49ersNeutral LocationSan Francisco38-10
11/07/202149ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona31-17
10/10/2021Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona17-10
12/26/2020Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco20-12
09/13/202049ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona24-20
11/17/201949ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco36-26
10/31/2019Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco28-25
10/28/2018Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona18-15
10/07/201849ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona28-18
11/05/201749ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona20-10
10/01/2017Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona18-15
11/13/2016Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona23-20
10/06/201649ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona33-21
11/29/201549ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona19-13
09/27/2015Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona47-7
12/28/201449ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco20-17
09/21/2014Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona23-14
12/29/2013Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco23-20
10/13/201349ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco32-20
12/30/201249ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco27-13
10/29/2012Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco24-3
12/11/2011Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona21-19
11/20/201149ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco23-7
01/02/201149ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco38-7
11/29/2010Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco27-6
12/14/200949ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco24-9
09/13/2009Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco20-16
11/10/2008Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona29-24
09/07/200849ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona23-13
11/25/2007Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco37-31
09/10/200749ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco20-17
12/24/200649ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona26-20
09/10/2006Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona34-27
12/04/200549ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumArizona17-10
10/02/2005Cardinals49ersNeutral LocationArizona31-14
12/12/2004Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco31-28
10/10/200449ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco31-28
12/07/200349ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco50-14
10/26/2003Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona16-13
12/21/2002Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco17-14
10/27/200249ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco38-28
10/01/200049ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco27-20
09/27/1999Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumSan Francisco24-10
10/24/199349ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco28-14
11/01/1992Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona24-14
11/17/199149ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco14-10
11/06/1988Cardinals49ersState Farm StadiumArizona24-23
10/18/198749ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco34-28
11/09/198649ersCardinalsLevi's StadiumSan Francisco43-17

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers History

The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers met for the first time on November 11, 1951, in a game that the Cardinals won 27-21, and the two teams met infrequently between that season and 2002. When the league underwent division realignment, the Cardinals moved from the NFC East to the NFC West. The two teams have played twice every season since 2002.

Overall, the series head-to-head has been close over the years, with the 49ers narrowly holding the edge 34-29 overall out of 63 matchups between 1951 and 2023. However, since 2010, the series has been an even split, with both teams notching 13 wins against the other. The 49ers have multiple five-game win streaks against the Cardinals; however, Arizona won eight consecutive games from 2015-2018.

There is also some bad blood with the two teams that dates back to the 1999 season when Cardinals corner Aeneas Williams ultimately ended the career of 49ers quarterback, and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Steve Young.

Where Do the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals Play?

The San Francisco 49ers play in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. San Francisco used to play in Candlestick Park, located in the heart of the bay area, but the franchise and the city could not come to an agreement on the property to build a new stadium. Levi’s Stadium cost an estimated $1.3 billion to construct and opened in July 2014, making it one of the newer stadiums in the National Football League. Since it opened, the stadium has hosted the College Football Playoff National Championship, the Super Bowl and has been tabbed to host games in the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals call State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., their home. State Farm Stadium first opened in August 2006 and can host 78,600 fans at maximum capacity. The stadium is rare amongst other NFL stadiums, because it is both a dome with a retractable roof and has natural grass. In 2023, State Farm Stadium hosted Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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