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When Do the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans Play Next?

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Are the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans Rivals?

Yes, the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans are intense rivals within the NFL, and more specifically the AFC South. As teams that share the same division, the Titans and Texans play each other twice a season, adding fuel to the fire of their rivalry. The Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans also have a unique rivalry within the NFL because the Titans franchise used to be located in Houston, going by the Houston Oilers. The Titans relocated to Tennessee in 1997, and five years later the Texans were founded as an expansion franchise.

Who are the Tennessee Titans’ Biggest Rivals?

Despite only being in Tennessee since 1997, the Titans as a franchise have been in the National Football League since 1960. As such, they have half a dozen rivals within the NFL. The most intense rivalries for the Titans are born out of the AFC South: the Houston Texans, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts. Other rivalries for the Titans date back as far as the 1970s from intense playoff games with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens.

Who are the Houston Texans’ Biggest Rivals?

As the youngest franchise in the National Football League, the Houston Texans do not have as many rivalries as other, more established franchises within the NFL. However, the Texans still have intense rivalries with all three other AFC South teams: The Tennessee Titans, the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Additionally, they have an in-state rivalry with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Game Results Between the Titans and Texans

The Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans are both members of the AFC South division, making their matchups critical for divisional standings and bragging rights, and a look at their head-to-head record can reveal which team has historically dominated this Southern rivalry:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
12/24/2022TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston19-14
10/30/2022TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee17-10
01/09/2022TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee28-25
11/21/2021TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston22-13
01/03/2021TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee41-38
10/18/2020TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee42-36
12/29/2019TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee35-14
12/15/2019TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston24-21
11/26/2018TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston34-17
09/16/2018TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee20-17
12/03/2017TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee24-13
10/01/2017TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston57-14
01/01/2017TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee24-17
10/02/2016TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston27-20
12/27/2015TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston34-6
11/01/2015TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston20-6
11/30/2014TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston45-21
10/26/2014TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston30-16
12/29/2013TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee16-10
09/15/2013TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston30-24
12/02/2012TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston24-10
09/30/2012TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston38-14
01/01/2012TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee23-22
10/23/2011TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston41-7
12/19/2010TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee31-17
11/28/2010TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston20-0
11/23/2009TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee20-17
09/20/2009TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston34-31
12/14/2008TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston13-12
09/21/2008TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee31-12
12/02/2007TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee28-20
10/21/2007TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee38-36
12/10/2006TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee26-20
10/29/2006TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee28-22
12/11/2005TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee13-10
10/09/2005TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee34-20
11/28/2004TexansTitansNRG StadiumHouston31-21
10/17/2004TitansTexansNissan StadiumHouston20-10
12/21/2003TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee27-24
10/12/2003TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee38-17
12/29/2002TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee13-3
11/10/2002TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee17-10
11/04/2001TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee28-24
09/23/2001TitansTexansNissan StadiumJacksonville13-6
11/26/2000TitansTexansNissan StadiumJacksonville16-13
10/16/2000TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee27-13
01/23/2000TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee33-14
12/26/1999TitansTexansNissan StadiumTennessee41-14
09/26/1999TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee20-19
12/13/1998TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee16-13
09/27/1998TexansTitansNRG StadiumJacksonville27-22
11/16/1997TitansTexansNissan StadiumJacksonville17-9
11/02/1997TexansTitansNRG StadiumJacksonville30-24
12/08/1996TexansTitansNRG StadiumJacksonville23-17
09/08/1996TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee34-27
10/01/1995TexansTitansNRG StadiumJacksonville17-16
09/03/1995TexansTitansNRG StadiumTennessee10-3

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans History

Since their first season in the National Football League in 2002, the Texans have played the Titans twice a season for a total of 42 matchups between 2002 and 2022. The series has remained extremely competitive, with the Titans narrowly holding the head-to-head series edge, 23–19, including an 11–10 edge in games played in Houston and a 12–9 lead in games played in Nashville. While the Texans have the largest margin of victory in the series, a 57–14 win in 2017, the Titans have the longest win streak, winning seven consecutive games between 2005–2008.

Perhaps the most inflammatory moment in the rivalry came during a November 2010 game when Texans All-Pro wide receiver and Titans All-Pro cornerback came to blows after a play, resulting in a brawl and ejections for both players.

Arguably the most exciting year of the rivalry came in 2020. In the first matchup of that season, the Texans traveled to Nashville in October. While the Titans, powered by All-Pro running back Derrick Henry and wide receiver A.J. Brown, jumped out to a 21–7 lead, the Texans stormed back to overtake the Titans 36–29 in the final minute of play. However, the Titans scored the game-tying touchdown with seven seconds left in regulation, and snatched victory in the first possession of overtime with a six-play, 82-yard drive.

Later that season, the Titans had an opportunity to win the AFC South against the Texans late in the game with the score tied at 38, when Titans practice-squad kicker Sam Sloman bounced the attempt off the upright and through the goal posts, claiming the division for the Titans that season for the first time since 2007.

Where Do the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans Play?

Since 1999, the Tennessee Titans have called Nissan Stadium (formerly LP Field) in downtown Nashville their home field. It took two and a half years to construct the stadium, at an estimated cost of $290 million. In addition to hosting Titans home games, Nissan Stadium is a versatile venue that also hosts events such as the annual CMA Music Festival, the Music City Bowl, and serves as the home field for Nashville SC.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans play in NRG Stadium (formerly known as Reliant Stadium). NRG Stadium was completed in 2002, costing roughly $352 million and seating 72,220 fans at maximum capacity. Two years after completion, NRG Stadium hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII in addition to Super Bowl LI in 2017, WrestleMania XXV, and the stadium has been selected to host matches in North America’s bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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