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When Do the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs Play Next?

Denver Broncos tickets and Kansas City Chiefs tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs Rivals?

Yes, the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs are divisional rivals in the National Football League. Both the Broncos and the Chiefs play in the AFC West, meaning they play each other twice every regular season. Each team in the AFC West hosts their divisional rivals every regular season, adding several opportunities to fuel the fire of the rivalry.

Who are the Denver Broncos’ Biggest Rivals?

The Denver Broncos’ biggest rivals are their three divisional rivalries in the AFC West: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Los Angeles Chargers. Historically, the Broncos also have rivalries with the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots, and a cross-conference rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks.

Who are the Kansas City Chiefs’ Biggest Rivals?

The Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest rivals are the opponents they play twice annually in the AFC West: the Denver Broncos, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs also have a geographic rivalry with the former Show Me State franchise the Los Angeles Rams (who were in St. Louis). Recently, the Chiefs have developed rivalries with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills, as all three franchises have young, MVP-caliber quarterbacks and the three teams have squared off in the playoffs several times.

Game Results Between the Broncos & Chiefs

Between 1960 and 2022, the Chiefs and the Broncos have played 125 times, including one game in the postseason. The Chiefs own the all-time series head-to-head by a margin of 71 wins to 55 losses. Going into the 2023 season, the Chiefs also have the longest win streak with 15 consecutive wins.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
01/01/2023ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City27-24
12/11/2022BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City34-28
01/08/2022BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City28-24
12/05/2021ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City22-9
12/06/2020ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City22-16
10/25/2020BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City43-16
12/15/2019ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City23-3
10/17/2019BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City30-6
10/28/2018ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City30-23
10/01/2018BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City27-23
12/31/2017BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City27-24
10/30/2017ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City29-19
12/25/2016ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City33-10
11/27/2016BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City30-27
11/15/2015BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City29-13
09/17/2015ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver31-24
11/30/2014ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver29-16
09/14/2014BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver24-17
12/01/2013ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver35-28
11/17/2013BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver27-17
12/30/2012BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver38-3
11/25/2012ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver17-9
01/01/2012BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City7-3
11/13/2011ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver17-10
12/05/2010ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City10-6
11/14/2010BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver49-29
01/03/2010BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City44-24
12/06/2009ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver44-13
12/07/2008BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver24-17
09/28/2008ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City33-19
12/09/2007BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver41-7
11/11/2007ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver27-11
11/23/2006ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City19-10
09/17/2006BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver9-6
12/04/2005ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City31-27
09/26/2005BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver30-10
12/19/2004ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City45-17
09/12/2004BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver34-24
12/07/2003BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver45-27
10/05/2003ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City24-23
12/15/2002BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver31-24
10/20/2002ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver37-34
12/16/2001ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City26-23
10/07/2001BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver20-6
12/17/2000ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City20-7
09/24/2000BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City23-22
12/05/1999BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighKansas City16-10
09/19/1999ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumKansas City26-10
12/06/1998BroncosChiefsEmpower Field at Mile HighDenver35-31
11/16/1998ChiefsBroncosArrowhead StadiumDenver30-7

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs History

The first game between these two franchises occurred on October 30, 1960, when the then-Texans beat the Broncos 17-14. Denver would only go on to win one out of the first 20 head-to-head games, including the most lopsided loss of the series, 59-7. Fortune turned for the Broncos from the ’70s through 2000s, winning 45 out of the next 70 games, including a 14-10 win in the 1997 AFC Divisional Playoffs en route to their Super Bowl XXXII championship. Denver won the Super Bowl in 1998 as well.

Kansas City won 11 out of the next 20 games in the 2010s, and took dramatic control of the series in 2016. Between 2016 and 2022, Kansas City won 15 consecutive games against Denver, including a sweep in 2019 by a combined score of 53-9 en route to their Super Bowl LIV victory. Between 2019 and 2022, the Chiefs made the Super Bowl three times, also winning in 2022.

Where Do the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos Play?

The Kansas City Chiefs call GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., their home. As a part of the Truman Sports Complex with Kauffman Stadium (the home of the Kansas City Royals MLB franchise), Arrowhead Stadium has been the Chiefs’ stadium since 1972. With a maximum capacity of 76,416, Arrowhead is the 27th largest stadium in the U.S. and known as one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

Empower Field at Mile High in the heart of downtown Denver, Colo., has been the home to the Denver Broncos since 2001. Called Mile High because the stadium is located exactly 5,280 feet above sea level, Empower Field gives the Broncos a unique home field advantage because opponents have a difficult time with their conditioning due to thinner air. Empower Field has a maximum capacity of 76,125 for Broncos games.

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