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When Do the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers Play Next?

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Are the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers Rivals?

Yes, the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers are rivals in the NFL dating back to the 1970s. Since they play within different divisions of the American Football Conference, the Steelers and the Titans are only scheduled to play in the regular season every three years. However, because of the historic and recent success of both franchises, the Steelers and the Titans have also met a handful of times in the NFL Playoffs.

Who are the Tennessee Titans’ Biggest Rivals?

The Titans have several rivals within the NFL. Their primary rivals are the fellow AFC South members: the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans. Before the Titans were in Tennessee, they were the Houston Oilers dating back to the 1960s. As the Oilers, they developed a number of established rivalries, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Biggest Rivals?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have accumulated arguably the most success of any franchise in the NFL. They have sustained a high level success throughout their organization’s history, evidenced by the fact that they are tied with the New England Patriots for the most Super Bowl wins (six) of any franchise. As such, they have developed a number of intense rivalries with their peers. Within the AFC North, the most competitive division in the league, the Steelers are rivals with the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers also have historic rivalries with the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys and in-state rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Game Results Between the Pittsburgh Steelers & Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers have had a longstanding rivalry that has resulted in several close games, high-stakes matchups, and memorable moments over the years:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
12/19/2021SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh19-13
10/25/2020TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh27-24
11/16/2017SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh40-17
11/17/2014TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh27-24
09/08/2013SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee16-9
10/11/2012TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee26-23
10/09/2011SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh38-17
09/19/2010TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh19-11
09/10/2009SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh13-10
12/21/2008TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee31-14
09/11/2005SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh34-7
09/28/2003SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee30-13
01/11/2003TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee34-31
11/17/2002TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee31-23
11/25/2001TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh34-24
10/29/2001SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh34-7
11/05/2000TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee9-7
09/24/2000SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee23-20
01/02/2000SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee47-36
11/21/1999TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee16-10
11/15/1998TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee23-14
11/01/1998SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee41-31
12/21/1997TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee16-6
09/28/1997SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh37-24
10/20/1996TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee23-13
09/29/1996SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh30-16
12/03/1995SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh21-7
09/10/1995TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh34-17
11/06/1994TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh12-9
10/03/1994SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh30-14
12/19/1993SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee26-17
11/28/1993TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee23-3
11/01/1992SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh21-20
09/06/1992TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh29-24
12/08/1991TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee31-6
11/24/1991SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh26-14
12/30/1990TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee34-14
09/16/1990SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh20-9
12/31/1989TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh26-23
12/03/1989SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee23-16
10/22/1989TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee27-0
12/04/1988TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh37-34
10/16/1988SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee34-14
12/20/1987TitansSteelersNissan StadiumTennessee24-16
11/15/1987SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumTennessee23-3
11/16/1986SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh21-10
09/28/1986TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh22-16
11/17/1985TitansSteelersNissan StadiumPittsburgh30-7
09/22/1985SteelersTitansAcrisure StadiumPittsburgh20-0

Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Steelers and the Titans (then Oilers) met for the first time on September 20, 1970 when the Oilers bested Pittsburgh 19-7, led by Jerry LeVias and Charley Johnson. The Oilers’ luck would not hold for long, as Pittsburgh went on to win 16 out of the next 21 matchups through the remainder of the decade. Through 2023, the Steelers lead the series head-to-head 48-32 in 80 total meetings, which includes three victories in four attempts in the playoffs.

Since the Titans have been in Tennessee, the series has notched a bit closer. Between 1999 and 2023, the Steelers only lead the head-to-head 10-9. Controversy struck in 2008 when the Titans bested the Steelers at home 31-14, clinching the number one seed in the playoffs that season and home-field advantage in the playoffs. After the game, Titans’ stars Keith Bulluck and LenDale White stomped on Pittsburgh’s signature “Terrible Towel,” drawing ire from fans.

Where Do the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans Play?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have called Acrisure Stadium (formerly known as Heinz Field) home since 2001. Acrisure Stadium is located on the bank of the Allegheny River on 100 Art Rooney Avenue (named after the famed franchise owner). The stadium has a capacity of 68,400. Apart from being the home of both the Steelers and the NCAA Pittsburgh Panthers, Acrisure Stadium is also known for making a signature cameo in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

The Tennessee Titans have called Nissan Stadium (formerly known as LP Field) their home since they moved to Tennessee in August 1999. At the time of completion, Nissan Stadium cost $290 million to develop. However, the city of Nashville is working with the Titans on tearing down and rebuilding the stadium from scratch to build a new, state-of-the-art facility.

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