South Side vs. North Coast: White Sox-Guardian Game & Rivalry Info

When Do the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox Play Next?

Cleveland Guardians tickets and Chicago White Sox tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox Rivals?

Yes, the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox are rivals. Their rivalry stems from both teams being part of Major League Baseball‘s American League Central Division.

Who Are the Cleveland Guardians’ Biggest Rivals?

Besides the White Sox, the biggest rivals for the Cleveland Guardians are the New York Yankees whose first ever game against the Guardians came back on June 3, 1901. Other rivalries for the Guardians include the Detroit Tigers and their in-state opponent, the Cincinnati Reds.

Who Are the Chicago White Sox’s Biggest Rivals?

The most prolific rivalries for the Chicago White Sox are the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are the White Sox’s cross-town interleague rival, while the Twins and Tigers have consistently squared off against the Sox in divisional play.

Game Results Between the Cleveland Guardians & Chicago White Sox

The two teams have faced off numerous times throughout their storied histories, with each game bringing its own excitement and drama. Here’s a breakdown of the results from their previous matchups:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
09/22/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland4-2
09/21/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland8-2
09/20/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland10-7
09/15/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago8-2
08/20/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago2-0
08/19/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland5-2
07/24/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago6-3
07/23/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago5-4
07/23/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland7-4
07/22/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland8-2
07/13/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago2-1
07/12/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago7-0
07/12/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland4-1
07/11/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland8-4
05/10/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago4-1
05/09/2022White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland12-9
04/21/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland6-3
04/20/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland2-1
04/20/2022GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland11-1
09/26/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago5-2
09/25/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland6-0
09/24/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago1-0
09/23/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland5-3
09/23/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago7-2
08/01/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago2-1
07/31/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland12-11
07/30/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago6-4
06/01/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland6-5
05/31/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland3-1
05/31/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago8-6
05/02/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland5-0
05/01/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago7-3
04/30/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland5-3
04/20/2021GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago8-5
04/15/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland4-2
04/14/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago8-0
04/13/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland2-0
04/12/2021White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago4-3
09/24/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland5-4
09/23/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland3-2
09/22/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland5-3
09/21/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland7-4
08/09/2020White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland5-4
08/08/2020White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldCleveland7-1
08/07/2020White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago2-0
07/29/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldChicago4-0
07/28/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland5-3
07/28/2020GuardiansWhite SoxProgressive FieldCleveland4-3
09/26/2019White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago8-0
09/25/2019White SoxGuardiansGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago8-3

Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Guardians History

The first regular season meeting between the two ball clubs came back in 1901, when the Cleveland Guardians were called the Cleveland Blues. Since then, the two teams have met over 2,200 times. Despite their rivalry being over 100 years old, the matchup is quite even, with the Chicago White Sox holding a slight edge in wins over the Cleveland Guardians.

The introduction of three divisions within the American League began an era in which the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox would have to battle for Central Division supremacy along with the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins and the Kansas City Royals. The American League Central Division was first introduced in 1994 after the league expanded the year prior. In their first season in the Central Division, amidst a players strike and a shortened season, the Chicago White Sox would wind up being the first team to clinch the division. Since then, the Chicago White Sox have only won the division four more times. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Guardians have proven to be a tough team to beat in the American League Central, as they have clinched the division a total of 11 times.

In recent years, the Cleveland Guardians have been one of the leading in the American League Central, while the Chicago White Sox have not been able to establish any sort of divisional dominance. Since 2016, the Guardians have clinched the division a total of four times compared to the White Sox, who have only landed one division title since then. The Guardians have also dominated the regular season head-to-head series against the White Sox in recent years. They have won the majority of the regular season meetings in five out of the last seven seasons.

Due to both teams regularly fighting for a top spot in the division for the last few seasons, tensions have grown tremendously. On April 15, 2021, the benches of both teams cleared after Adam Engel, who was on the White Sox at the time, took exception to a hard tag placed on him by Cleveland Shortstop Andrés Giménez. This incident was unsurprising, because at the time, both teams were heavy favorites vying for the top spot in the AL Central come September. If the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians continue to be battling for divisional dominance, one would be hard-pressed to ignore a growing rivalry.

Where Do the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox Play?

The Chicago White Sox play their home games at Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. This location, despite a handful of name changes, has been their home since 1991.

The Cleveland Guardians play their home games at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. Progressive Field, which has been their home since 1994, is located next to the Rocket Mortgage Field House where the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team play.

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