White Sox vs. Twins: a Look Back at This AL Central Rivalry

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Are the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins Rivals?

Yes, the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins are rivals in Major League Baseball. Both teams compete in the American League Central division as founding members, and the two franchises have played annually for more than 120 years, although the rivalry in its current form did not start in earnest until the 2000s.

Who are the Chicago White Sox’ Biggest Rivals?

The Chicago White Sox have a handful of rivals in Major League Baseball, most notably the Chicago Cubs (named the Crosstown Classic), the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers.

Who are the Minnesota Twins’ Biggest Rivals?

The Minnesota Twins have three main rivals in Major League Baseball: the Chicago White Sox, the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Guardians. The rivalry between all three teams boils down to competing for supremacy over the American League Central and proximity of the three teams to one another.

Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins Series History

Although the origins of this series rivalry dates back to 1901 when the Twins were originally the Washington Senators, the franchise eventually moved to Minnesota in 1961 and formally became the Twins. Things ramped up in 1965 when both the Twins and the White Sox finished first and second, respectively, in the American League. In 1969, the league underwent realignment and both franchises were placed in the AL West.

Both teams took steps at the turn of the millennium and were more consistently competitive to win the division. From 2002 to 2004, the Twins won three straight division titles with the White Sox finishing in the runner-up spot each year. A year later, the White Sox not only won the AL Central, but also the World Series. That run at the top did not last long as the Twins bounced back and retook the division in 2006.

Perhaps the apex of this rivalry came in 2008 when, after 162 games, the two franchises both finished with 88–74 records tied atop the AL Central and forcing an additional game to be played to decide the tie-breaker. The White Sox won the game 1–0 off a 7th inning solo home run from Jim Thome.

More recently, the White Sox won the division in 2021 with a 93–69 record before losing to the Astros in the ALDS. The Twins won the division in the 2020 season with a 36–24 record before losing to the Astros in the Wild Card Series.

Recent Results Between the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins

For baseball fans looking to see how the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins stack up against each other, we’ve put together a table of their recent head-to-head matchups:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
10/05/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota10-1
10/04/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago8-3
10/03/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago3-2
09/29/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago4-3
09/28/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota8-4
09/27/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota4-0
09/04/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota5-1
09/03/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago13-0
09/02/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago4-3
07/17/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago11-0
07/16/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota6-3
07/15/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago6-2
07/14/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago12-2
07/06/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago9-8
07/05/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota8-2
07/04/2022White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota6-3
04/24/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota6-4
04/23/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota9-2
04/22/2022TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota2-1
08/11/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota1-0
08/10/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota4-3
08/09/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago11-1
07/21/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota7-2
07/20/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago9-5
07/19/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago5-3
07/19/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota3-2
07/07/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago6-1
07/06/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago4-1
07/05/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota8-5
07/01/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago8-5
06/30/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago13-3
06/29/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago7-6
05/19/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago2-1
05/18/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota5-4
05/17/2021TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago16-4
05/13/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago4-2
05/12/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago13-8
05/11/2021White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago9-3
09/17/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago4-3
09/16/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota5-1
09/15/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago6-2
09/14/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago3-1
09/02/2020TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota8-1
09/01/2020TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota3-2
08/31/2020TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago8-5
07/26/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota14-2
07/25/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldChicago10-3
07/24/2020White SoxTwinsGuaranteed Rate FieldMinnesota10-5
09/18/2019TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldChicago3-1
09/17/2019TwinsWhite SoxTarget FieldMinnesota9-8

Where Do the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins Play?

The Chicago White Sox play at Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. The park opened in 1991 and was named Comiskey Park. Rather than being built through private financing, the park is owned by the state of Illinois through the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.

The Minnesota Twins play at Target Field in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Similarly to the White Sox, Target Field is owned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority; however, it’s financed by both public funding through a public bond offering based on a sales tax in Hennepin County and through private financing from the Pohlad family, who are majority owners.

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