The Crosstown Classic: Cubs vs. White Sox Upcoming Game Info & History

When Do the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox Play Next?

Chicago Cubs tickets and Chicago White Sox tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox Rivals?

Yes, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are legendary rivals within the MLB. Splitting the city of Chicago into the North and South Side, for over a century the Cubs and White Sox have battled over who the “true” Chicago baseball team is.

Who Are the Chicago Cubs’ Biggest Rivals?

Along with the White Sox, the Chicago Cubs are bitter rivals with their National League Central divisional opponents, the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers.

Who are the Chicago White Sox’s Biggest Rivals?

Besides the Cubs, the Chicago White Sox’s biggest rivals are the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers. Both the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers are slotted in the American League Central division, where they battle with the White Sox over divisional dominance.

Game Results Between the Cubs & White Sox

The rivalry between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs is one of the most intense and storied in Major League Baseball. Below is a table that shows the head-to-head results of their matchups over the years:

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
05/29/2022White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox5-4
05/28/2022White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs5-1
05/04/2022CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox4-3
05/03/2022CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox3-1
08/29/2021White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox13-1
08/28/2021White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs7-0
08/27/2021White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox17-13
08/08/2021CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox9-3
08/07/2021CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox4-0
08/06/2021CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox8-6
09/27/2020White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs10-8
09/26/2020White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox9-5
09/25/2020White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs10-0
08/23/2020CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs2-1
08/22/2020CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox7-4
08/21/2020CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox10-1
07/07/2019White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox3-1
07/06/2019White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs6-3
06/19/2019CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs7-3
06/18/2019CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox3-1
09/23/2018White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs6-1
09/22/2018White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs8-3
09/21/2018White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox10-4
05/13/2018CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox5-3
05/12/2018CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs8-4
05/11/2018CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs11-2
07/27/2017White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs6-3
07/26/2017White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs8-3
07/25/2017CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs7-2
07/24/2017CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox3-1
07/28/2016CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs3-1
07/27/2016CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs8-1
07/26/2016White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox3-0
07/25/2016White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox5-4
08/16/2015White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox3-1
08/15/2015White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs6-3
08/14/2015White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs6-5
07/12/2015CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs3-1
07/11/2015CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox5-1
07/10/2015CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldWhite Sox1-0
05/08/2014White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs12-5
05/07/2014White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox8-3
05/06/2014CubsWhite SoxNeutralWhite Sox5-1
05/05/2014CubsWhite SoxNeutralWhite Sox3-1
07/08/2013CubsWhite SoxNeutralCubs8-2
05/30/2013CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs8-3
05/29/2013CubsWhite SoxWrigley FieldCubs9-3
05/27/2013White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs7-0
06/20/2012White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldWhite Sox7-0
06/19/2012White SoxCubsGuaranteed Rate FieldCubs2-1

History of the Crosstown Classic

The two Chicago baseball teams have been harsh rivals since the turn of the 20th century, when team owner Charles Comiskey moved his St. Paul, Minnesota Saints to Chicago — later to become the Chicago White Sox. Since then, the two teams have met a total of 138 times in the regular season. The White Sox have won 73 of those matchups, while the Cubs have won the other 65 games.
With the Chicago White Sox representing the American League and the Chicago Cubs representing the National League of the MLB, the two teams’ only chance to play each other in the playoffs would be in the World Series. This has occurred just once when the two bitter rivals met in the 1906 World Series. The 1906 World Series would mark the first time in MLB history that two teams from the same city would meet in the championship series. It was the White Sox who inevitably won the 1906 World Series, clinching the series with four wins to the Cubs’ two wins — despite the Cubs being heavy favorites. The Cubs were favorites because they won 116 games in the 1906 regular season compared to the White Sox, who won only 93 games that year.

The rivalry has only grown since then and has divided the city of Chicago into fans of either the North Side Cubs or the South Side White Sox. One of the most unforgettable moments in the rivalry came in 2006 when the catchers of both teams, A.J. Pierzynski and Michael Barrett, initiated a brawl at home plate after Pierzynski had “run over” Barrett while trying to reach home plate. Barrett would throw a punch in response to Pierzynski slapping the plate — which would lead to both benches joining the melee. The incident would lead to four players being ejected. If the Cubs vs. White Sox rivalry wasn’t already filled with tension, the 2006 melee elevated the crosstown rivalry to new heights.

When the interleague play began in 1997, the city series would take shape. It wasn’t until 2010 that the Crosstown Cup was introduced and given to the team who won the majority of the regular season matchups. The Crosstown Cup continues to be hotly contested to this day and is a heavily anticipated event in Chicago. In the 2022 season, the White Sox would take home the Crosstown Cup by beating the Cubs three out of the four times.

Where Do the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox Play?

The Chicago Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Wrigley Field remains one of the oldest stadiums in the MLB having had its first game played there in 1914. Learn more about Wrigley Field on gameday.

The Chicago White Sox play their home games at Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Despite initially being called Comiskey Park, later U.S Cellular Field and now Guaranteed Rate Field, the White Sox have called this stadium their home since 1991.

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