6 Reasons To See an NBA Game Live

Calling all Full Court Fans! take your fandom to the next level this season by seeing your favorite NBA team play live. Watching your team on TV or online is a great way to show support — but the ultimate way to step up your game and truly solidify your status as a Full Court […]

Q&A with Eventjoy founder Todd Goldberg

From left to right: Founder and VP of Product & Growth at EventJoy, Todd Goldberg; President of Ticketmaster, Jared Smith; Founder and VP of Engineering at Eventjoy, Karl White. Event goers: ever been to an industry conference or local meet-up and wished you were more connected to what was going on around you at the […]

Ticketmaster and Google Help You Connect with Artists

On the hunt for concert tickets? We recommend you go straight to Ticketmaster for Verified Tickets. But, if you are browsing for information online, Ticketmaster and Google are working together to help you find and easily buy tickets. When you search for an artist or concert in Google, official upcoming events with Ticketmaster Verified Tickets […]

10 Years of Super Bowl Commercials

Millions upon millions of viewers tune in to watch the Super Bowl, and it’s not just to catch the breathtaking action on the field. It’s also to see the amazing ads when the game cuts to a commercial break. We’ve rounded up the best Super Bowl commercials from the last 10 years — according to […]