How to Secure Your Account and Protect Your Tickets

Ticketmaster is committed to being the safest, most reliable ticket marketplace in the world. But when it comes to your account — where the tickets are held — there are some vital steps you can take as a fan to protect against hackers looking to lay claim to your tickets.

Create a Strong Password

Make sure you’re using a strong password for your account. Your password should be unique to your Ticketmaster account, and therefore not used for any other accounts (banking, retail sites, email, etc). You can easily reset your password if you need to.

Update Your Phone Number

Another good way to protect your tickets is to make sure the phone number associated with your Ticketmaster account is up to date. For extra security during a ticket purchase, you may also be asked to authenticate your account by inputting a code sent to your phone number.

We also recommend that the phone number you use is only associated with one account. If you have more than one Ticketmaster account in your household, it’s best to use a different phone number for each account.

In general, it’s good to double-check that all of the information in your account is correct.

There are steps you can take to secure your personal information outside of your Ticketmaster account, too. Here are some more recommendations:

Create a Secure Email Password

Just like you want to make sure your Ticketmaster password is unique, you should do the same for your personal email. Make sure you’re using a strong, unique password there, too. If your email gets hacked, which unfortunately does happen, it could allow bad actors to use it to try to gain access to your Ticketmaster account.

Be Cautious of Fakers Posing as Ticketmaster Employees

If you ever run into issues with your account and need help, you can contact our Fan Support team — they’re here to assist. But be aware of scammers sharing fake information about Ticketmaster, including fake customer service phone numbers that appear in search engines.

Always make sure you’re getting contact information from our official website. There are several ways to get in contact with us, and our dedicated online Fan Support page offers extensive information on frequently asked questions.

Finally, Ticketmaster will never ask you to buy a gift card in order to refund you. If we do issue a refund, we’ll process it to the original method of payment you used at time of purchase.

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