Get Custom Alerts for Your Favorite Artists, Teams and Venues

When the artists, teams and venues you love have events happening near you, you want to make sure you’re there — and Ticketmaster’s Favorites tool ensures you’ll be the first to know when tickets go on sale.

Use the handy 💜 to let us know who you wouldn’t miss for the world or the venues you want to be first in line for — then we handle the rest, sending you timely alerts as soon as ticket sales are announced.

Adding Favorites to your Ticketmaster account will help us personalize your event feed and make discovering new artists or events we think you’ll dig as easy as getting an email. The more Favorites you share with us, the more personalized concert notifications we’ll send along in a customized email — as well as feature them front and center when you open our app or sign into your account on

Adding your favorites is key to receiving concert alerts; it ensures you’ll never miss a tour announcement, the chance to see your favorite team live, or any event happening at your favorite venues. To get notified of upcoming concerts and events, when you’re browsing in the Ticketmaster app or website, just tap the 💜 located on the pages of artists, teams or venues you want to follow (you’ll see it on the image at the top). Once you tap the heart, they’ll be automatically added to your Favorites. 

In order to modify your Favorites, head to the app, tap on My Account, and head to Preferences. In this section, you can click My Favorites and view all your Favorites’ upcoming events in one handy list.

Want even more personalized recommendations? Go to the For You tab to see a tailored list of upcoming events we think you’ll love, based on your favorites. You can also add more to your favorites while in that tab by hitting the Add Favorites button.

This ensures you’ll receive a notification when new shows and tickets are announced, and you’ll also receive last-minute alerts when availability is running low. Plus, based on the types of things you Favorite, you’ll receive personalized recommendations for similar types of events that might not have already crossed your radar. You can always modify how you receive those recommendations (text or email) or opt out of them by updating your account preferences.

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