Ticketmaster 10: K-Pop Stars GOT7

It’s going to be a big, busy summer for South Korean boy band GOT7.

The seven-member group — singers JB, Jinyoung, Jackson, BamBam, Youngjae, Yugyeom and Mark — are set to kickoff their Keep Spinning World Tour on June 27, just after becoming the first-ever K-pop group to appear in-studio on NBC’s Today show on June 26. Before they officially hit the road, though, the boys took a few minutes to answer personal questions about their favorite songs and dream collaborations — and give a little life advice — as part of our Ticketmaster 10 interview series.

Read the complete Q&A below, and buy tickets now to see GOT7 in a city near you this summer.


Ticketmaster 10 With GOT7

1. What’s the first song you learned to sing?

JB: Mario — “Let Me Love You”

Mark: Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova — “Falling Slowly”

Jackson: R. Kelly — “I Believe I Can Fly”

Jinyoung: Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova — “Falling Slowly”

Youngjae: Jin Won — “I’m Gonna Change (고칠게)”

BamBam: Chris Brown — “Without You”

Yugyeom: Chris Brown — “With You”


2. What was your favorite concert that you’ve attended as a fan?

JB: [South Korean R&B group] Brown Eyed Soul

Mark: The very first [K-pop entertainment hit-factory] JYP Nation concert. Artists such as Rain were there, and it was really unforgettable.

Jackson: When I was 16, I saw a show of local Hong Kong artists. The moment I watched the show, I realized that I wanted to become a singer and performer.

Jinyoung: Chris Brown

Youngjae: Park Hyoshin

BamBam: I have more memories on the stage than off the stage.

Yugyeom: I also have more memories on the stage rather than attending a show.


3. Describe your performance style in one word.

JB: Variety

Mark: Effort

Jackson: Wang

Jinyoung: Can’t define in one word.

Youngjae: JYP


Yugyeom: ALL


4. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

JB: Scarlett Johansson

Yugyeom: Avengers, because they’re cool. It will be a big party.

Mark: I will be with Yugyeom when he has dinner with Avengers.

Jackson: My family, because after becoming a singer time flies and it really got me thinking that I actually couldn’t spend enough time with my family.

Jinyoung: My family

Youngjae: Bruno Mars

BamBam: Post Malone



5. Fill in the blank: I would get nervous if I knew _______ was in the audience watching me.

JB: No one. There’s no one that would make me nervous.

Mark: [South Korean singer and JYP Entertainment founder] J.Y. Park

Jackson: My parents, because I was always their little child and it feels weird.

Jinyoung: Me, because I am the person that knows myself the most.

Youngjae: J.Y. Park

BamBam: Kendall Jenner

Yugyeom: No one! There’s no one that would make me nervous.



6. What’s the first lyric you wrote that you were really proud of, and why?

JB: The lyrics of “PAGE.” I loved how well it was written overall.

Mark: The lyrics of “OMW”: “Life is like a long, dark tunnel when it’s low / Let’s say it’s another beautiful night.” I like it because it has positivity inside – saying that even your darkest, hardest moments are nonetheless beautiful moments.

Jackson: “I’m the ’90s generation of China.” It really shows what I am.

Jinyoung: “My face is getting red even though I’m not having a fever.” (열이 나는 것도 아닌데 얼굴이 빨개져) – lyrics from “못하겠어(Can’t).”

Youngjae: The lyrics of “Sick(아파)” – “I hope you could listen to this song.” It stays in my mind (니가 이 노래를 듣길)

BamBam: The lyrics from “97 Young and Rich”: “It’s BamBam!”

Yugyeom: “It may be obvious, but I won’t change” – I got to catch both the meaning and the rhyme of the flow (in Korean) with just one sentence, and it’s very ordinary, simple words: “뻔할지는 몰라도 변하지는 않을거야)”


7. What’s your dream collaboration?

JB: Various hip hop and R&B artists, because I want to make great music with lots of people.

Mark: Justin Bieber, because I love his songs and his voice.

Jackson: Bad Bunny I really love his music and his style.

Jinyoung: Justin Timberlake

Youngjae: Bruno Mars

BamBam: Ozuna

Yugyeom: Travis Scott


8. Fill in the blank: If a music lover is into ______, _______, and ______, they’ll love GOT7…

JB: Diversity, intimacy (between the members of GOT7), steadiness.

Mark: Humor, craziness, “visuals.”

Jackson: International, passion, teamwork.

Jinyoung: Teamwork, style, fun.

Youngjae: Intimacy, performance, skills.

BamBam: Luxury, turn up, fireworks.

Yugyeom: Skill, visuals, heart.


9. Who (what) do you do it for and why?

JB: Because it’s fun, and I want to enjoy it with lots of people / turn up.

Mark: Because I love being on the stage and being with our fans. It’s what really makes me happy.

Jackson: To make history and perform for our fans.

Jinyoung: Because it’s what I’m good at.

Youngjae: I want to be on the stage singing and performing for people.

BamBam: Because I want to turn up with our fans.

Yugyeom: For GOT7, because this was my dream.


10. What are your words to live by? Any life advice?

JB: Make it short and strong.

Mark: Stay true, be real.

Jackson: Stay hungry, make history.

Jinyoung: Can’t take it when you’re gone / No pain, no gain.

Youngjae: Just do it!

BamBam: Just live my life (like you guys everyday).

Yugyeom: Enjoy and live as I want!


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