Lizzo’s Coconut Oil Tour Returns with Sold Out Show in LA

Watch Ticketmaster’s Exclusive Facebook Live with Lizzo

The energy at The Echoplex was electric on Friday night as Lizzo prepared to take the stage.

Being the first of many sold out shows remaining on the acclaimed Coconut Oil Tour, the crowd in Los Angeles was ready to go.

Backstage, Lizzo and her crew shared the same excitement. From the livestream hosted on Ticketmaster’s Facebook page, the women could be seen shouting and singing moments before taking the stage.

Staying true to tradition, the ensemble made sure to take a celebratory shot of tequila – a staple of their pre-show ritual.

Donning a dazzling new outfit for the second leg of her tour, Lizzo waited eagerly for the drumroll that would mark the beginning of the show.

Met with uproarious applause, she wasted no time launching into her heart pumping track “Worship,” with each high note garnering a louder reaction from the crowd each time.


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Commanding the stage with her charisma and vocal prowess, Lizzo showed each and every person just why she’s one of our Ticketmaster New Music Favorites.

If you haven’t already, check out one of her upcoming shows, and make sure to ‘Favorite’ Lizzo on Ticketmaster to be first to hear about new dates.

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