Ticketmaster and Google Help You Connect with Artists

On the hunt for concert tickets? We recommend you go straight to Ticketmaster for Verified Tickets. But, if you are browsing for information online, Ticketmaster and Google are working together to help you find and easily buy tickets.

When you search for an artist or concert in Google, official upcoming events with Ticketmaster Verified Tickets are easy to spot right next to the latest information.

Google Ticketmaster

As you navigate in Google Maps, official upcoming events with Ticketmaster Verified Tickets happening at your searched venues can be found quickly.

Google Ticketmaster

And when you select an official upcoming event, helpful links point you in the right direction so you can get Ticketmaster Verified Tickets first.

Google Ticketmaster

Interested in learning more? Here’s what others have to say about the Ticketmaster and Google updates.

About Ticketmaster Verified Tickets: All tickets sold or resold on Ticketmaster are verified, which means they’re 100% real and guaranteed to get fans in. No one but Ticketmaster can sell Ticketmaster Verified Tickets.

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