How Ticketing Works For The Cure’s Shows Of A Lost World Tour

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As The Cure announced, they have set some terms in place to minimize scalping and get tickets to fans at the price they set. Here is some important info:

    • TICKETS WILL BE NON-TRANSFERABLE: Ticketmaster will be following the artist’s terms and any tickets sold on our platform will be non-transferable to prevent tickets being resold for a profit. (Please note: This does not apply to tickets purchased for tour dates in New York and Illinois, where state laws prohibit artists from restricting resale).
    • TICKETS CAN ONLY BE RESOLD AT FACE VALUE: To give fans flexibility if their plans change, the tour will utilize Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange, which allows fans to sell their tickets for the price they paid, including fees and taxes. That way, if a fan can’t make the show, they have a way to get their money back while making another fan’s night.
    • THE ONSALE WILL USE VERIFIED FAN TO GET TICKETS TO FANS: The Cure is leveraging Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan technology to ensure more tickets get into the hands of concertgoers. Verified Fan requires registration to help filter out buyers looking to resell tickets, and instead get them into the hands of fans who want to attend the show. While there may not be enough tickets for everyone, Verified Fan does significantly block bots and professional resellers from competing against fans for tickets during the sale. It also provides an equal opportunity for all fans to get the chance to purchase tickets to shows by using a lottery-style selection process.

For more information on North American shows and Verified Fan Registration, please visit:

For more information about Ticketmaster Verified Fan, visit: 

Fans mean everything to artists, and we at Ticketmaster believe that the best way to ensure a fair ticketing experience for live music fans is to put more control in the hands of the artists themselves. To learn more about the FAIR Ticketing Act and how we’re supporting this movement, visit


How does Ticketmaster Verified Fan work?

Artists choose to use Verified Fan to give their fans a better chance at buying tickets by creating an extra line of defense against bots and professional resellers who are looking to get tickets for profit. The process includes three steps:

Step 1: Registration

By registering for a Verified Fan sale, you are letting us know that you’re interested in purchasing tickets. From the registration page, you  sign in to your account, select your preferred show(s) and register your email and phone number. Once completed, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation email letting you know that we got your request. It’s quick, easy and free to sign up.

Step 2: Verification

Next Ticketmaster vets each request by confirming it belongs to an individual  – not a bot – and that it hasn’t been tied to irregular behaviors that could be a sign of a professional seller attempting to access the sale.

Access Code or Waitlist

When demand exceeds availability, a lottery-style process will determine which registered Verified Fans get an access code for the sale, and which are put on a waitlist. You’ll receive an email the day prior to the ticket sale letting you know which group you’re in. 

Access Code: If you receive an access code, it will be sent via text message. It is unique to your account, and will not work if anyone else enters it – do not try to sell or trade your code. 

Waitlist: If tickets remain, we may text you an access code to join the ticket sale. The lottery-style process will be used to determine who gets off the waitlist.

While it doesn’t guarantee that all Verified Fans will get tickets, it does significantly block bots and professional resellers from competing against fans for tickets during the sale.


What does it mean if a ticket is non-transferable?

When tickets are non-transferable, it means that the transfer feature is disabled by the event organizer to prevent tickets from being resold for a profit. 

If you can no longer attend a show, you can sell your tickets for the price you paid using Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange.Important note: Fans should not attempt to purchase tickets from sites outside of those made available on the Face Value Exchange. Learn more about how to avoid fake “speculative” tickets for live events.

What is Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange?

Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange allows fans to sell their tickets to other fans at the price they paid, including fees and taxes. Artists choose to leverage the Ticket Exchange marketplace to protect fans who can no longer make the show. It also gives fans looking for tickets access to purchase them at a fair price.

How do I list tickets for sale on the Face Value Exchange?

It’s quick and easy to list your tickets for sale on the Face Value Exchange. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to My Account, click My Tickets then select See Details next to your event.
  2. Click the Sell button.
  3. Choose to list one or all your tickets for the price you paid.
  4. Tell us how you’d like to get paid.
  5. Review your listing and you’re all set.

If I sell my tickets on the Face Value Exchange, will I get back the fees I paid when I purchased my tickets?

Yes. If you have purchased a ticket on our platform and discover you can’t use it, you’ll be able to make your money back by selling your ticket for exactly what you originally paid, including fees.

What does it cost to sell tickets on the Face Value Exchange?

There are no additional fees charged to buy or sell tickets on the Face Value Exchange.

What does it cost to buy tickets on the Face Value Exchange?

There are no additional fees charged when purchasing tickets on the Face Value Exchange. The tickets are listed at an all-in price including face value and fees paid by the original buyer.

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