Don’t Play It By Ear — Here’s How to Prepare for Ticket Sales

You just found out that your favorite artist has announced a new tour and is playing a city near you — and you’ve gotta be there.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for when tickets go on sale, so you have the best chance at making sure you’re there live.

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Preparing for the Ticket Sale

Before tickets go on sale, follow these tips to get ready.

Check Your Ticketmaster Account

Do a quick check to make sure your account is ready with your current payment info, email and phone number. If you don’t have an account yet, set one up — it only takes a minute, and you’ll need it to be ready to buy those tickets. You may also need to verify your email and phone number. In that case, you’ll receive instructions about how to complete the process using a one-time code.


Once the tour is announced, avoid missing out by setting a reminder on the event page. We’ll text you a reminder up to an hour before tickets go on sale — like having your own personal alarm clock. More info on how to set a reminder can be found in the Help Center.

Confirm Your Card Info

For faster checkout, confirm that your credit card information is up to date — it’s also a good idea to review your credit card expiration date to make sure it’s current.

If you’re buying tickets for an international event, you may want to notify your credit card company in advance. Be aware of anything else that might delay your purchase, like if your credit card has a spending limit or a required bank pre-authorization.

Day-Of Ticket Sale Checklist

It’s go time — here are a few more tips you may find handy on the day tickets go on sale.

Keep Your Phone Close By

For security reasons, you may be asked to validate your account through a code sent via text before entering a queue. Keep your phone handy so you can receive the one-time code (even if you’re buying tickets on desktop).

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

The most reliable way to shop for tickets is from a safe internet connection or via your phone’s mobile network. Avoid public Wi-Fi when possible, because connections are not secure and may be disrupted. Also, turn off any VPNs or other tools that let you mask your IP address. Your unique IP address is how we know you’re not a bot!

Wait for It…

For sales where a waiting room and queue are in place, the waiting room will typically open 15 minutes prior to the sale, and visiting the page earlier won’t get you a better spot in line. Once the queue opens, we’ll tell you exactly where you are in line, so you’ll know how many fans are in front of you waiting to buy.

Our Favorite Number is 1

Make sure you only join the queue from one device, one browser, and one tab. Attempts to join from an additional device using the same account details will result in an error message.

No Automations, Please 🚫🤖

As the wise Daft Punk once said, we want to see that you’re human after all — so no employing AI bots or any other browser extensions to try and game the sale.

Take It to the Limit

Some shows will have a limit on how many tickets you can purchase. Ticket limits for an event are noted next to the artist’s name behind the More Info button on the event details page (or the “i” when viewed on mobile).

Also, keep in mind that there’s limited time allotted for you to complete your sale, and ticket availability will change quickly for events that are in high demand.

Don’t Refresh Your Browser

Once you’ve added tickets to your cart, don’t refresh your browser or leave the tab — this could cause your purchase to be disrupted.

What to Expect After You’ve Bought Tix

You got the tickets! Here’s what to expect now that you made your purchase.

Access Your Tickets

Make sure your mobile tickets are ready to go for your upcoming event. Download the Ticketmaster app, sign in to your account, and go to My Events to easily access your tickets — you can also add them to your mobile wallet. On event day, scan your ticket directly from the Ticketmaster app or your wallet, and you’re in!

Sharing is Caring

If you’re going to the show with a group and are the one who bought the tickets, we applaud you, Ticket Captain! Use the Transfer feature (when applicable) to share individual tickets with your friends. You’ll all get into the venue quicker, leaving more time to enjoy that magical live experience.

Change of Plans?

Sometimes, no matter how much you’ve been looking forward to an event, you end up not being able to make it — luckily, selling your tickets is easy. If the artist has enabled resale for your event, you’ll be able to sell your tickets to a marketplace of millions of other fans in just a few steps.

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