Fan Art Friday with Halsey

With a busy tour schedule and a fresh album debuting at the top of the charts, it’s safe to say that the buzzy pop sensation known as Halsey is having quite the year so far. The blue-haired bad girl first came onto the radar earlier this year after captivating crowds on the Imagine Dragons tour and has been garnering loads of attention ever since. Her loyal fan-base continues to grow exponentially and with it, an arsenal of killer fan art that is accumulating all over the Internet. Check out some of our favorites down below.

@Lucasbavid what a talent.

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Halsey is an artist who isn’t concerned about staying inside the lines. Instead, she wears her feelings on a sleeve and embodies a spirit of honest self-expression. Artist @Lucasbavid captures that exact energy perfectly with this abstract portrait.

So dope. @foxyfries

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The blue we are used to, but here we have Halsey in a whole new world of color that is just as bright and gorgeous as her voice. The talented @Foxyfries’ creative use of color plays off of the pop-singer’s signature style perfectly and catches the eye instantly. Bravo!

???? ?: @echelonfreed

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Cartoon Halsey is real and cuter than ever! I mean, c’mon, her lollipop matches her hair! Does it get any cuter than that?! Thank you @echelonfreed, you are a master of the ink.

So sick. @emumuma_art

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If cartoon Halsey didn’t already get you excited enough, what about @emumula’s video game Halsey? Just imagine controlling an aqua haired ninja through the Badlands while kicking butt and taking names. Awesome.

Many thanks to the dedicated fans around the world showcasing their talent and helping us feed our insatiable Halsey obsessions. We appreciate you and we know she does too. Make sure to catch her live this fall on her upcoming Badlands Tour.

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