Fifth Harmony Announces New Tour – Celebrate with Fan Art

Echoes of “YAAAAAS” are ringing out around the world as Fifth Harmony gets ready to release their brand new album, 7/27, next Friday. As if their isn’t already enough excitement flowing, the 5h girls have officially announced The 7/27 Tour featuring Jack & Jack.

The Fifth Harmony Fan Army is stronger than ever and they are taking to the web to express their love and excitement in a plethora of creative ways. To help you get even more pumped for the new album and tour, we’ve rounded up some of the awesome fan made creations from within the Harmonizer community. Just keep scrolling to check out all of this beautiful art we found for this week’s #FanArtFriday.

Brilliant illustration by @jorgeluiswest on Instagram.

We are absolutely loving this creative outline of the girls by @artharmonyy!

Here’s a super cute drawing of Dinah rockin’ some 7/27 swag in anticipation of the new album. Great work @girlmeetspencil!


Dinah Jane swooning on the beach with a ukulele? Talk about a dream come true… Illustrated by

@Allbymyidols absolutely killed it with this colorful digital portrait of the gorgeous Lauren Jauregui. Love the contrast of the radiant red and green hues bouncing off the black background. ?

?? @normanikordei

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Cartoon Normani is shiny, shimmering wonderful! You are one heck of a talent, @Roogomes.

Please tag Camila @camila_cabello

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Woah, this pencil sketch of Camila Cabello by @heycamren is just breathtaking…like seriously, I can’t even breath right now. Bravo!

Can’t. Stop. Staring! This portrait is just as easy on the eyes as Ally is and uses soft, yet radiant colors to illustrate the vibrant energy that she brings to Fifth Harmony. This is just another awesome display of #Harmonizer talent from @nova7x.

We can’t imagine that it was easy to capture 5h in all of their glory via cartoon, but thanks to the brave and very talented @NykolasMendes, it’s been done! I think its time for a 5h TV series on Saturday mornings, who’s with me?


A post shared by laurenjauregui (@laurenjauregui) on

We love the creativity in this piece. Skilled fan @tinta_azul was able to bring Lauren’s edgy side to life with bright bursts of color that let us imagine her as some sort of sexy vampire or a wicked-ly hot witch. Lauren said it best with this one… its sick.

Wow. It doesn’t get much more realistic than this. Young #harmonizer @Emily_Lmixer hand sketched this freakishly good portrait of Dinah and it’s AMAZING. Just look at the details in those luscious curls. Superb.

There is beauty is simplicity, and this portrayal of a winged Camilla is a perfect example. Apparently Camilla thought so too, considering she not only re-grammed @art_199x’s original, but made it her Twitter avatar as well.


Who needs a canvas when you got some big beautiful nails.

There’s no doubt about it, Harmonizers are some of the most loving, dedicated, and talented fans on the planet. Big thanks to all of you hardworking and passionate artists for all of this eye candy seen above.

Don’t miss your chance to see 5h live in concert on their brand new tour! Head over to Ticketmaster for more details, including the full tour schedule.

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