The Ultimate Guide to Disney On Ice: 8 Must-Know Tips For Parents

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What To Expect At Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice is a must for kids, no matter where you and your family rank on the Disney Fan-O-Meter. We’ve got everything you need to know about how to make your Disney On Ice outing a dream come true.

1. Pick The Best Show For Your Fam

Never one to do things halfway, Disney On Ice has multiple shows available for your viewing pleasure. But which one is best for your fam? Read On!

Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream — Are your kids still singing “I AM MOANAAAA!” all day everyday? Then this is the show for you. That’s right, Disney’s newest heroine is IN.THIS.SHOW. I repeat: Moana will be in the house, as well as other beloved Disney Princesses.
Disney On Ice presents Dream Big — Disney Princesses! Princes! Villains! The 7 Dwarves! If you love the royal Disney world, this is the show for you.
Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart — Mickey and Minnie make an appearance at this show, which features Disney Princesses as well as iconic Disney Pixar faves. If your kids love Nemo, Toy Story, and Inside Out, this is a great pick.
Disney On Ice presents Frozen — The name says it all. This is Frozen where it’s meant to be: on the ice! Come to this show prepared to, you know, let it go.
Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars — Calling all fans of Walt’s original, legendary characters! Disney icons Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy join forces with Anna, Elsa, and other Disney Princess favorites to bring you a show that’s truly star-studded.

2. Splurge Or Save — It’s Up To You

Disney On Ice shows offer an incredible 3D Collector Ticket that makes for an extra special souvenir for any uber-fan. It’s only available at the time of purchase and will be delivered via mail within four weeks of purchase – so if you and your fam want to wear them to the show, be sure to buy ‘em early! Meet and Greets do happen with characters, but they vary by city.

If you want to try to save some cash, be sure to check out Ticketmaster Ticket Deals to see if there are any shows in your area with tickets available at a discount. If you’re gonna Dream Big, might as well dream of a deal!

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3. Bring a Coat, Just in Case

The Disney On Ice website advises that “temperature in the arena is typically 10+ degrees cooler than outside.” When I caught Disney On Ice with my fam, I entered the arena prepared for icy-cold air, but the temperature inside was surprisingly comfortable. Really, it depends on your body temperature — if you’re always cold then you’ll want extra-warm clothes, and if you like to wear shorts in the snow then, well, you’ll have no problem. Err on the side of overkill; bring layers to make sure everyone’ll stay warm, but can also peel ‘em off if needed. And if you really want to go for it, bring blankets or cushions to sit on!

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4. Costumes Can Make It More Magical

Kids are welcome to dress up for Disney On Ice, and I saw tons of Disney Princess gowns and Toy Story costumes when my family attended a show. The fun, festive magic of Disney’s amusement parks carries over into their Ice shows, so feel free to have fun with your fashion. Just be sure you to add layers so your kids won’t be cold in their Elsa gowns. One important note from Disney On Ice: “Costumes worn by guests 14 years of age or older are not permitted.” Sorry parents, you’ll have to wait for Halloween!

5. Time It Right

On average, Disney On Ice show’s run from 90 minutes to two hours long, with a 15-20 minute intermission. The show is captivating, but very small kids may not be able to sit still for all of it. Take breaks as needed, and make good use of that intermission in the middle of the show.

6. Take A Seat

Oh, the dreaded “where to sit?” question. I agonized over it, because I wanted to make sure my kids could see every jump, leap, and twist. The best seats do come at a higher cost, but if the front row is important to you, then it may be worth the price. We ended up in a middle section, and the view was wonderful. Search for tickets in your town here!

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7. There Will Be Toys

Spoiler Alert: There are toys for sale at Disney On Ice, and your kids will want them. Since the arena is dark for the show, light up toys are particularly popular. Know going into the show that there will be toy temptation at every corner, and set a limit for your kids on what you’re willing to spend. You can also bring in your own light up toys, to join in the festivities while also saving a buck or two!

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8. The “Age” Question

What’s the right age for kids to see Disney On Ice? That answer, ultimately, lies with each parent going to the show. Children under two can attend for free, as long as they sit on a parent’s lap. Anyone older than two must purchase a ticket. My kids were 2 and 4, and both had a blast. We were surrounded by kids of all ages, and Disney On Ice does an amazing job of making the show fun and accessible for the whole family.

Kate, the Minimaster Mom, lives and works in Southern California with her husband and daughters, ages 6 and 4. They never yell, watch TV, or eat sugar.


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