Coachella Music Festival Fashion Rundown

It’s that magical time of year again—the season of dancing unapologetically hand-in-hand with strangers, exploring the soundwaves of bands you’ve never heard of, and rediscovering what it means to let go and be yourself. Yes, it’s festival season, and one of our favorites is gearing up to bring you musical bliss in the desert once again this year: Coachella.

It’s hot, it’s dusty, and it’s blissfully whimsical as swarms of people from all walks of life traipse through Indio Valley looking to connect with artists, musicians, and fellow fans alike, all the while looking gooood doing it. Making a fashion statement at Coachella has become its own cultural phenomenon, so below we offer up some insight into what you can expect, and perhaps get inspired by, at this year’s Coachella in all of its hip trendy glory. Suit up, kids!

With the desert sun beating down incessantly, Coachella-goers are prone to avoiding excessive articles of clothing, and this year will be no different. What does change each year are the textures and shapes incorporated into your favorite outfits.

In previous seasons we’ve seen lots of lace and strappy sandals. This year we’re seeing high-waisted shorts and skirts, and long, sheer summer dresses. These pretty outfits are being paired with sneakers, closed-toe sandals and booties (comfy festival footwear!). This year’s trends are leaning toward casual fitted comfort rather than some more uncomfortable trends we’ve seen in the past. Phew.

Many clothing and accessory patterns are inspired by Central and South America culture. These designs bring the color and unique flare of Aztec and Peruvian authenticity to the forefront, making them a perfect—and refreshing—way to make a statement while staying cool.

Keep your eye out for trendy chokers, body chains and chunky jeweled necklaces that you can wear more than once. If making a statement is your sort of thing, snag a wide-brim floppy hat or flower headband and bring a dose of festival fashion royalty to the California desert this year.

It’s also time to rummage through your closet for your old favorite halter-crop-top or printed tank top and give your back that sunlight its been craving during the dreaded winter months. From simple one-string designs to the intricate configurations of straps all over your back, halters are a solid, flirty pick for your toe-tapping self.

Coachella isn’t just about what you’re wearing, but about what your skin is wearing. The fest has become a popular platform for people to show off the latest trends from the tattoo and piercing worlds. This year, it’s all about minimalist detail. Tattoo artists like LA-based Dr. Woo have been redefining the limits of what tattoos can be, steering away from any color and using single-needle precision to create simple yet incredibly complex pieces that wholly transform the bearer. We also can’t ignore that homemade stick-and-pokes are also on the rise, displaying originality in the most personal way. Make sure to take a close look at the people around you because tat trends are favoring the undersides of arms, along the ribcage, and all over them legs.

Gettin wavy with @sosiebacon

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Piercings, on the other hand, have become more up close and personal. For the ladies, it’s all about the septum, with simple gold or silver rings making subtly bold statements this year. While that craze may be carrying over from 2014, pierced eyebrows seem to have made a bang on the runways this season, so if you’ve felt the desire to get a bit more expressive with your brows, now would be the time. Lastly, if you happen to have a couple ear piercings closing up because three just seemed like too many for one ear, it might be time to try on some of those old duds, because multiple lower-lobe piercings are seriously making a comeback. Look for small hoops that hug the earlobe rather than hang by your neck. It’s the simple things.

The time of the bob has passed, and the time for long locks is upon us. It doesn’t really seem to matter how you tote your lengthy mane — from flirty waves and messy top knots to slicked-back classical looks, there’s no limit to what you can do with your hair this year. Even simple, long ponytails and braids have made a statement this season – a testament to how easy it is to be fashionable in 2015. So the lesson here is save some money at the salon and let it grow. You’ll be surprised by the possibilities of your free-flowing locks.

Other hair trends we expect to see include hair glitter, sparkles and charms, oh my!

If you’re looking to wear your hair up or partially up, try a bandana or scarf to stay cool.

With all these trends comes an urge to get in great shape so you can pull all your looks off flawlessly. If you’re stressed out by all that CrossFit and Insanity your friends have been pressing you to get in on, it’s your lucky day. Focus is turning away from the intensive workouts of yesteryear and getting back to the basics: our old friends pushups, crunches, and weights. Simply put, fitness experts can’t deny the fact that these building blocks of fitness really do work. Just throw on a heart monitor (the must-have fitness tool of 2015) and you’ll be good to go. With guided workouts becoming easier to access on smartphones and laptops, you can have a motivational voice giving you advice on your festival fitness at all times. Luckily for all of us, getting in festival shape doesn’t have to be so scary this year.

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