Your Questions About Ticketmaster Request, Answered

Ticketmaster Request is a simple way to request tickets to certain popular and high-demand shows. From ticket prices to seat sections, you can easily customize your request so you can get the tickets that are right for you.

First, you’ll tell us what show(s) you’re interested in and where you want to sit. Then, provide a credit card to complete your ticket request. If your request is confirmed, your tickets will be charged to the card provided and placed directly into your Ticketmaster account. If we cannot confirm your request, your card will not be charged.

Submitting a request doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get a ticket, but it does offer fans the convenience of requesting tickets without competing in a first-come-first-served tickets sale.


How to Request Tickets

When a Ticketmaster Request period opens, you can request tickets in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign in to your Ticketmaster account and pick the show(s) you’re interested in and where you want to sit.
  2. Enter your credit card payment information to complete your request. 
  3. If your request is confirmed, your tickets will be charged to your card and placed directly into your Ticketmaster account. You won’t be charged unless your request is confirmed.

Note: Submitting a request doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a ticket.


Ticketmaster Request Tips & FAQs

Here are important things to know about Ticketmaster Request, like ticket limits, how to change or cancel your request, and what happens if your request is confirmed or not.

What happens after you submit a ticket request?
Ticketmaster will send you an email with your request summary. Your card will not be charged at this time. After the registration period closes, we’ll let you know by email if your ticket request was confirmed. If confirmed, your card will automatically be charged for the seat preferences you selected in your ticket request. You should not request tickets for any cities, shows or seat preferences that you do not actually wish to purchase. Your tickets will be placed into your Ticketmaster account within 48 hours. All sales are final, and refunds and exchanges will not be available.

What if your request is not confirmed?
If your request was not confirmed, you will not be charged.

Can I change my request?
You can submit a new request any time prior to the close of the published Ticketmaster Request window. To submit a new request, return to the event’s Ticketmaster Request page and sign in. We will only consider your most recent request; submitting a new request will cancel any previous ones.

Can I cancel a request?
You can also cancel your request anytime prior to the close of the published Ticketmaster Request window. To cancel, email Make sure to have your receipt number, email, and the last four numbers of the credit card used to submit your request. No cancellations will be accepted past the designated end date and time of the published Ticketmaster Request window.

Is there a ticket limit?
Each event has different guidelines, but most will have a ticket limit (typically up to 4 tickets per show). This allows for as many fans as possible to score tickets. Some artists may offer their fan club members added benefits, including access to more tickets or shows on a specific tour. Please review the full details of the particular Ticketmaster Request program prior to completing your request.

Can I transfer tickets?
In most cases, you can easily transfer tickets to family and friends. If the event organizer has implemented any restrictions on transfer, those restrictions will be clearly delineated in the published program details. Follow our simple steps to transfer tickets here.

Can I purchase accessible seats?
Yes, accessible seating will be available. When you shop for tickets, select the option to shop for available accessible seats. We recommend contacting the venue to learn more about how they accommodate each guest and how to prepare in advance.

Why do I see tickets available to purchase on other sites before the general public onsale?
Many unofficial sellers will list tickets even before they go on sale. This practice is called speculative listing and fans should not trust resellers claiming to have tickets prior to their distribution to fans. Beware of these sellers. Learn more about Speculative Ticket Listing.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my ticket request?
We’re here to help. Email us at If you’re reaching out with questions about your request, make sure to have your receipt number, email and the last four numbers of the credit card used to submit your request.

Can I request tickets for more than one city?
Yes. You can submit a ticket request for any show. When you do so, you are committing to purchasing the ticket(s) if your request is confirmed. This means that if you selected 5 shows, it is possible to be confirmed for all 5 shows in which your credit card would be charged for the full price of 5 events.

Can international fans request tickets?
Yes, international fans that create an account on can submit a ticket request.

When will my card be charged?
Your card will be charged once registration closes and ticket requests have been confirmed. Each event will have different timelines so be sure to check out the details for that specific event/tour. To avoid declined transactions, please make sure your card has available funds to cover your maximum total. If a card is declined, you will lose your tickets.

What will the charge look like on my statement?
The charge will be from Ticketstoday, unless otherwise noted on the request confirmation page or in your confirmation email.

Can I confirm my seats before my credit card is charged? What if I don’t like the tickets I get?
Your card is charged at the time that we confirm your request. Seats will be assigned by the Event Organizer in an effort to maximize the number of successful requests. All sales are final.

Why was my credit card charged before receiving an email confirming my order?
Please check the email you registered with and search for an email from Ticketstoday. Your bank/credit card provider may be slightly ahead and post a charge to your account before our emails deploy.

Can I register more than once to increase my invitation status?
Only one registration is required and registering more than once won’t increase your opportunity to receive an invitation. We only keep the last registration you submitted.


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