Fan Guide to Outdoor Concerts: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Show

There’s nothing better than getting to see your favorite artist live in concert underneath the stars. That’s what makes outdoor music venues some of the best places to see a concert. And fortunately for music fans everywhere, the U.S. and beyond is full of beautiful outdoor music venues to catch a live concert at. But, there are some differences between attending a concert indoors and outdoors, and it’s best to be prepared when you’re planning to attend an outdoor concert. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all you need to know before heading out to see your favorite artist at an outdoor music venue.

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What to Bring to An Outdoor Concert

When it comes to what you should bring to a concert at an outdoor music venue, the rules vary by venue. So, before you go, make sure to check the venue’s website for what you can and cannot bring. However, there are a few staple items that you should plan to bring when attending a concert at an outdoor concert. To help get you prepared for your next concert outside, here’s a short list of what to bring to an outdoor concert.


While it’s likely that the sun will be down by the time the headlining act goes onstage, if you’re getting to the concert venue early, you’ll want to make sure you bring sunscreen — especially if it’s going to be hot and sunny outside. You want to leave the outdoor music concert with nothing but great memories, not a bad sunburn. Most outdoor concert venues should allow you to bring in sunscreen, but it would be a good idea to check the venue’s website before you go just in case.

Extra Layers

When the sun goes down, your warm day outside can quickly turn into a chilly evening. So, it’s best to prepared for when the temperature dips. Most outdoor music venues only hold concerts during the summer and early fall seasons, so a sweatshirt or a light jacket should be fine. But, if your body temperature already naturally runs cold, you might want to consider bringing a heavier jacket or blanket just in case. It’s hard to sing along to your favorite songs when your teeth are chattering from the cold.


If you’ll be attending a lawn concert, such as a show at an outdoor amphitheater, you’ll want to make sure you come prepared with something to sit on. Most venues do not allow you to bring in lawn chairs, but bring a blanket you can easily lay out on the grass so you have something to sit on (especially if the grass is a little wet). Also, if your prone to get a little itchy when sitting on the grass, having a blanket to sit on will make your outdoor concert experience much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Water Bottle

Being well-hydrated is key when attending a lawn concert or outside concert, especially during the summer months. Some outdoor music venues will allow you to bring in empty, reusable water bottles to fill up at water stations, but double check the venue’s website before you go just to be sure.

What to Wear to An Outdoor Concert

Like we mentioned above, bringing layers will be key to your comfort when attending an outdoor concert. So, it’s a good idea to take this into consideration when you’re planning what to wear to an outdoor concert. If you’re attending an outdoor concert in the summer months, you’ll want to wear lighter clothing, especially if the concert is a festival that starts early in the day. But, depending on where your outdoor music venue is, it can get chilly outside at night, even during the summer months, so coming prepared with layers is important.


Bringing a hat with you to an outdoor music concert can be a good idea. It can not only go as part of your outfit, but it will also keep the sun out of your face during the day. Additionally, it can keep your head warm if it gets chilly at night.

Light Jacket

It’s a good idea to bring a light jacket with you when attending an outdoor music concert. Even if it’s sunny out, it could be windy outside and a light jacket will keep you comfortable. Plus, when the temperature cools down at night, you’ll have a light jacket to keep you warm.

Close-Toed Shoes

When attending a concert outside during the summer months, it may seem like a good idea to wear sandals, especially if it’s hot, but your better bet is to wear closed-toed shoes to an outdoor concert. If you have general admission tickets, closed-toed shoes will prevent your feet from getting stepped on buy other concertgoers. Also, if your seat neighbor happens to accidentally spill their drink on the ground, your feet are protected from that as well.

Dress for the Weather

The most important thing to do before attending an outside music concert is check the weather forecast. If you’re attending a concert during the summer months, you’ll want to dress appropriately and opt for lighter clothing like a tank top and shorts. Or, capri pants and a button-up shirt are also a good lighter option that gives you more coverage from the sun. You don’t want to be burning up in the heat, especially if the concert venue is limited on shade or if your seats are directly in the sun. But, also pay attention to the weather forecast for when the sun goes down, and make sure you have enough layers to keep you warm.

What to Know If the Forecast Calls for Rain

If you know that rain is expected on the day you’re attending an outdoor concert event, you should be prepared to potentially get caught in the rain. A poncho would be a good item to bring if the weather forecast says rain is expected. It’s easy to pack, and will keep you dry. You can also potentially bring an umbrella, but most venues do not allow umbrellas, so a poncho is a safer bet. Just make sure to check the venue’s website before you leave.

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