What to Bring to a Concert: 30 Do’s and Don’ts For Fans

So you’ve scored tickets to see your favorite artist perform live on stage. Congrats! Now, it’s time to get ready for the show. To ensure you an all the other fans in the audience have an awesome time at the concert, there’s a few things you need to bring and some you should definitely leave at home. Here’s your ultimate concert checklist:

What to Bring


Verified Tickets

This is an obvious one, but it’s a good reminder! Be sure to triple check that you have your tickets when you leave home.

Wallet With Cash & ID


Your wallet is another thing you definitely don’t want to forget ($130). Bring your ID and don’t forget to swing by the ATM too so you have some cash on hand.



If your seats are far from the stage, a small pair of binoculars ($74.79) will really enhance your concert-viewing experience.


Before the concert, download a few handy apps that will enhance the experience. Some recommendations include Shazam to find out the name of a song you don’t know and Uber to catch a ride home after the show.

Hair Ties


Stashing a couple of hair ties in your purse like these colorful ones ($35) will really come in handy when you’re dancing at the concert and want to keep your hair out of your face.

Attachable Key Chain


With all the dancing that happens at concerts, you need to make sure your keys are nice and safe. Opt for an attachable key chain ($29) that will secure your keys to your belt loop or handbag.


If you wear glasses, consider wearing contacts to the concert instead. This way you won’t risk dropping or losing them and you’ll still have a great view of the show.



For outdoor concerts, bringing sunscreen is a must. Protect your skin with this handy SPF tube ($19).


If your ears are sensitive or you have seats really close to the stage, bring some earplugs with you to make the concert more enjoyable.

Fully Charged Phone and Juice Pack


There’s always lots of photo taking and Instagramming at concerts so be sure to have your phone fully charged when you arrive and for extra support, bring along a charging case too ($99.95).



Whether the concert is indoor or outdoor, it’s always a good idea to bring a light sweater ($29.95) with you to keep you warm.

Outfit Accessories


You want to look your best at a concert so don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite outfit accessories like a chic hat ($63) and jewelry.



You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of sneakers ($80) at a concert. They’re comfy and cool and work for both guys and girls.

Certified Service Animals

Fuzzy friends are welcome at concerts if it means you’ll have a fun time.

Mini Backpack


Every concert venue has a different bag policy (check it out here), but a mini backpack ($24.90) is usually a safe bet. It’s big enough for your essentials and leaves your hands free to dance.


Carrying some tissues and wipes will come in handy when you need to clean your hands up after having a concert snack.

Emergency Plan

It’s good to have an emergency plan in place in case anything goes wrong—especially if you’ll be attending alone. Write down important contact information on paper (in case you lose your phone) and let someone know where you’ll be.

What NOT to Bring


New Shoes

Concerts also involve lots of dancing so you want shoes that are nice and lived in and won’t give you blisters.

Favorite Clothing

Don’t wear anything that’s too delicate or that you would be absolutely heartbroken if it was ruined. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Flip Flops or Heels

The goal is to be comfortable and safe while at the concert so it’s best to ditch the flip flops or heels for flats or sneakers.

Excessive Jewelry

Concerts are all about getting dressed up, but don’t overdo it with the jewelry either. Don’t wear pieces that are too big, might fall off, or will bother you while you’re rocking out.

Oversized Bag

Don’t bring bags that are too big. If you’re unsure about a bag, check the venue’s policy here.

Selfie Sticks

This ones a bummer, we know, but selfie sticks can be dangerous at a concert so it’s best to leave them at home.

Professional Cameras, Tripods, and Drones

Also, be sure to leave your fancy cameras (with external flash), tripods, and drones at home too. We promise snapping pictures with your phone will be just as fun.

Potentially Dangerous Items

Any item that could potentially hurt you or another concert-goer, like a pointed umbrella, should be avoided.


If you’re taking your little one to their first concert, remember to leave their stroller at home.

Bad Attitude

The number one thing you need to have a good time at a concert is to arrive with a positive attitude.

Laptops and Tablet Computers

Concerts aren’t the time for getting work done. Leave your techy stuff at home and just enjoy yourself.

Illegal Things

This goes without saying, but illegal items like weapons and drugs are never allowed inside concert venues.

Outside Food

Smuggling in outside food is a big no no. Instead, treat yourself to some of the goodies the concert venue has to offer or have a nice filling meal before the show.

Distraction Items

Every audience member deserves an uninterrupted viewing experience so don’t bring things that will be a distraction to others such as laser pens, beach balls, bullhorns, and noisemakers.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Bringing cigarettes and alcohol into a concert venue isn’t allowed so save yourself the hassle by leaving that stuff at home.

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