10 Music Festival Emoji We Wish Were Real

It’s no surprise why emoji are popping up everywhere… these small characters say a lot fast. Lately we’ve been thinking that our keyboards need a few more emoji when it comes to expressing something we cherish dearly — music festivals.

So we took matters into our own hands, and made these 10 designs we wish were real emoji.

1. Lineup

lineup music festival emoji
The anticipation starts with the lineup announcement, as you begin to fantasize about all the great artists that’ll be blowing your hair back. Instead of sharing a link, whip out this emoji to tell your friends to Google it for themselves.

2. Wristband

wristband music festival emoji
Don’t leave home without it, and—for the love of God—don’t try to take it off. We need this emoji to represent the powerful and magical arm candy that reminds you and everyone else of the good times you’ve had.

3. Flower Crown

flower crown music festival emoji
Peace, love, and flower garlands made out of tiny daisies. You’ll be glad this emoji is around to coordinate your new fashion accessory with all your friends.

4. Lost Person

lost person music festival emoji
We’ve all got a person in our squad who gets lost more often than car keys. Next time they slip away use this delightful emoji to clown on them (the more peeps on the group texts the better).

5. Porta Potty

porta potty music festival emoji
When nature calls, but you’re too busy to answer, just shoot back a quick text with this little gem of a response.

6. Totem

totem music festival emoji
If you can’t spot your friends in an epic crowd, just text them a totem emoji to lift that sucker up fast. And make sure your squad has something just as original as this crying picture of Kim Kardashian before you head out.

7. Festival

aerial music festival emoji
Palm trees swaying, music blasting, Ferris wheels… Ferrising? We did our best to squeeze all of the larger-than-life fun into a miniature image for our iconic festival emoji.

8. Squad

squad music festival emoji
Every member of your crew plays a unique role, and together the good times are nonstop. This emoji conveys your #SquadGoals as you get ready for a weekend of fun and friendship.

9. Essentials

packing essentials music festival emoji
The mom-est emoji we could come up with was this small pack of fest essentials. Trust us, nothing kills the fun faster than a painful sunburn, a dead phone battery, or forgetting your ID—be prepared. And dress in layers!

10. Concert

concert music emoji
This emoji is ready to rock your socks off. There’s no better way to let your friends know that the headliner is about to kick out the jams than with this handy pic.

Artwork created by Julia Walck

Music Festival Guide 2016




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