5 Tips for your Kids’ First Concert

Your first concert is a major rite of passage whether you’re four, fourteen or forty. But if it’s your kid’s first show, you really want it to be a great concert experience—for both you and them. Here’s a handy guide:

Do your homework – Is the show on a school night? Is there an opening act that bumps the headliner way past their bedtime? You know your kid’s threshold for staying up late better than anyone, and sometimes an earlier nap is just the ticket.

Also, keep in mind that a Top 40 hit doesn’t necessarily make for a kid-friendly concert. See what other parents are saying and decide what works for you. (Hint: The “Fan Reviews & Photos” section of each Artist page on our website is a great resource for this.)

Choose your seats carefully – If the event has assigned seating, try to buy seats near an aisle or exit so you can easily come and go. Likewise, elevated seats like the ones you’ll find at an arena might be preferable for viewing. Opt out of general admission if there’s a choice, unless you’re bringing teenagers who want to work their way closer to the stage.

Come prepared – Remember it’s live—and can get loud—so bring earplugs. Dress everyone in bright and/or matching colors so it’s easy to see each other in the crowd. Even better? Top off your outfits with glow necklaces, bracelets, headbands, etc. It’s both festive and practical. Small bandages are also recommended, particularly for any blisters that may arise from walking and dancing.

If it’s an outdoor show, bring a backpack with more essentials: sunblock, sunglasses, warm jackets/pants, and a sheet or blanket if there’s a lawn.

Of course, don’t forget to charge your phone for great photo ops or in case of emergency (more on that below). And don’t forget cash for those first concert souvenirs!

Have an emergency plan – Establish your “home zone” and make sure everyone knows how to find it if they get separated. Consider writing your name, cell number and, if applicable, seat and section number on a large, sticky label and fashion it to your kid’s shirt.

Talk about it afterward! – A child’s first live event experience will stay with them forever. Ask them what they liked best and why, what things they’ll remember most, if they enjoyed one instrument in particular, how it felt to be in such a large crowd, what they think it might be like to be onstage…you get the idea.

And remember the Fan Reviews & Photos section we mentioned above? Now that you’re wise to the ways of a kid’s first concert, here’s your chance to share your experience with other parents!

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