Make Your Next Tailgate Party Kid-Friendly With These Ideas

Live events are a great way to create lasting memories with your kids and get them interested in sports, theater, and music. But the fun doesn’t have to start when the bright lights come on. A kid-friendly tailgate is the perfect way to kick off a fun-filled day for the whole family. Check out our tips below and let us know what other great recipes and gear you’ve got for the perfect tailgating experience. Find kid-friendly events and ideas here.


Face Painting

Show a little pride with face-painting fun for the whole family. Team colors and mascots are great motifs and help kids of all ages get into the game.

Kid Zones

Some events go the extra mile in terms of family-friendly fun. Games, prizes, crafts—go check them out for yourself at events or nearby fun-centers.

Meet the Mascot

Mascots make games more fun for little fans, but meeting them can be a once-in-lifetime thrill for wee ones.

Explore Local Area

America’s arenas are chock full of monuments to teach your youngsters the history of the game. Or you can visit a local park to see what fun you can have on the playground.



It doesn’t need to be Mardi Gras to enjoy these inexpensive beads in your favorite team’s colors.

Cute Team Tee-Shirts

Whether you’re a Buckeye, Hoosier, or Wolverine, kids always wear team shirts better than any other fans. Ditto with concert swag and theater gear.

Ribbon Pony Tail


Combine game time and craft time with this adorable do. Use ribbons of your favorite team’s colors and put your name in one strand for even more fun.

Baby Football Beanie


Keep your kids warm during winter football with this comfy cap. Another chance to sport your team colors, but you’ll need to start knitting a couple months in advance.


Kids love to shake their groove things—so why wait until the concert? Get the party started a little early with great family-oriented playlists from Spotify.

The Ultimate OMG Playlist

Playlist: Disney

Playlist: Road Trip with the Family

Playlist: Pop Music for Kids

Playlist: Folk Music for Kids

Playlist: Kid-approved Workout Mix

Food & Snacks



Pinwheels fit perfectly in little hands, allowing your kids and tweens to eat on the go while they enjoy some outdoor fun and games.

Pizza Cupcakes


Another handheld hearty option. These will fill up tiny tummies without slowing kids down during fun events. Plus, you can’t go wrong with pizza!

Veggies & Hummus Cups


Hummus and veggies have always been a healthy favorite, but they also used to be a giant mess. Not anymore with these all-in-one cups.

To-Go Trays

Everyone knows the food their kids love. Pre-packing can save you serious dough while preventing serious spills.

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