Do Concerts Make Good First Dates?

First dates often seem pretty risky so most people do something simple like grab a cup of coffee to feel the other person out. But there’s no sense in limiting your options out of fear. Concerts can definitely be a cool place to have a first date given the live music, fun atmosphere, and positive energy. It can also make your date more memorable. Plus if things work out, then you have an awesome first date story to tell people. So how could you approach having a first date at a concert? Here are ten tips.

Before the Date

Tip 1: Find a date…with good music taste!

Don’t risk your date having a bad time because of your different taste in music. It’s already tough to find a date, so finding someone who is into the same music as you will definitely be a challenge. If Tinder or MeetUp don’t work out for you, try Tastebuds. The app is all about connecting people through their music taste so you can’t go wrong! After finding someone, start browsing Ticketmaster to see which artists are coming to town, and make your move by asking them out.

Tip 2: Pick the perfect date outfit

Although you want to look good you should be comfortable. Go for shoes that you don’t mind walking in for a long time like boots or sneakers. If you’re feeling feminine then don’t be afraid to wear a dress or skirt. But there is also the safe bet of jeans or jean shorts and a nice top. Guys pretty much can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee-shirt. Maybe pick something that shows off your music taste.

Tip 3: Figure out how to pay the bill

Concerts might seem a little more intimidating than other kinds of dates when it comes to picking up the tab. Typically the one who asks is the one who pays, but if the tickets are really pricey, split it, then offer to pay for drinks later if that’s more affordable.

Tip 4: Straighten out the travel plans

Sometimes venues are huge so you might want to meet up and go together. Also keep in mind if you’ll be drinking you need to have a designated driver, so perhaps go the safe route by getting an Uber or Lyft together. Meeting up beforehand also makes it easier for the next tip.

Tip 5: “Predate” before the concert

Dates that are centered around activities can make it harder to get to know someone. So meet up for something to eat first and talk about what else you have in common other than your passion for music.

Tip 6: When in doubt, talk about your love for the musicians

Worst case scenario is the conversation is lagging or maybe the chemistry is off. Bring things back to what brought you two together by just talking about your excitement for the concert and how you first came across the performer’s work.

During the date

Tip 7: Have fun making the rounds at the concert

Listening to music doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. Check out what’s going on at the venue beforehand to see if there are any other activities. Also just walk around to check out the merchandise and maybe down a few drinks together.

Tip 8: Don’t be afraid to bust out your moves

Get comfortable and get moving with your date. It will not only make things more fun, but it’ll bring you two closer together physically.

After the date

Tip 9: If things go well, do a nightcap!

Maybe you still feel like there is potential here, so why go straight home? Get some coffee and keep talking to learn more about your date.

Tip 10: If you’re not feeling it, turn your date into a concert buddy

It happens…sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to ghosting. Keep in contact and make that your go-to person for concerts. Maybe you found your music soulmate instead of a romantic one.

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