The Scoop on Wearable Technology and Event Wristbands

Sometimes life is all about the little things. Even something small like a wristband is making big waves across the festival scene and beyond.

Digital wristbands have made their way into the live event space because they’re practical and fashionable. We’ve rounded up a few innovative wristbands that transform the way we enter, pay, connect and enjoy live entertainment. How, you might ask? Follow me:

Lollapalooza introduced Lolla Cashless, a payment system using RFID-enabled bracelets (radio frequency identification)–empowering entrants to store credit card information and purchase items throughout the festival without having to hit up the ATM or remembering to bring cash–this is genius!

Digital Dreams got even more digital with RFID chips in wristbands too, so that fans could reap the benefits. All that’s required is a simple setup and account information can be found online, during or after a day of rocking out. Plus, the wristband can be linked to social media accounts.

Tomorrowland launched a socially-savvy bracelet this season that provides entrance into the festival, and syncs with Facebook to easily connect with both new and old friends. Novel idea, especially when most of the time cell towers are locked up during big festivals.

Disney has been pioneering some new technology in entertainment and hospitality called MagicBands to change the way guests experience their beloved theme parks. Once the wristband is activated, it serves as your admission ticket, hotel keys and credit or debit cards which help with fast payment and access to restaurants and shops. Lastly, they also can act as your FastPass, which gets you to the front of the line on your favorite Disney ride.

Is this the future at bigger events? Would you wear one of these for quick access in the gate and for the ease of convenience? Sound off in the comments below!

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