Music Festivals 101: Electronic Dance Music

Dance Music is the fuel driving the youth culture bus in the 2010’s. A genre that has long matured since the inception of the synthesizer and defining songs such as “Popcorn” by Gershon Kingsley. Or even collaborations such as Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s; “I Feel Love”, which pushed synth-driven music further into the public eye.

Jump forward 30 years and you have present day electronic dance music, now more commonly referred to as “EDM”. And music festivals are to EDM, what peanut butter is to jelly. EVERYTHING!

Music festivals, my friend. Well festivals, are some of the best times we have ever had. But with so many EDM music festival options; how can one choose?

Don’t you dare fret! We have your back. Let’s take a look at what our fans had to say about EDM festivals in the United States to help you make your pick for festival season.

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Top 10 Electronic Music Festival Fan Reviews

  1. electronic dance music festivals hard day of the deadHard Day of the Dead (CA)5 Fan Reviews 5 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by sabiedxmx: Day of the Dead is just pure amazing! The music, the people, the costumes, the attitudes-all amazing. Never a bad day and always worth the money.  (The) artists are always great and diverse! 4 stages and music for all!!


    by Mimiloveeee: Hard Day Of The Dead was one of the most incredible and memorable moments in my life! The crowd, the music-it was all so overwhelming and overall this event was SUPER FUN! I wish I could relive this moment again! Definitely if you didn’t go this year you HAVE to go next year! <33333


  2. Electric Daisy Carnival (Various)
    5 Fan Reviews 4.8 Star RatingWhat did fans have to say?

    by BigEdSon: Electric Daisy Carnival was out of control. It was so much fun and unforgettable. Definitely one of the best concerts/days of my life. SO much fun to be had too bad it wasn’t longer. Will def go next time it’s in NY and maybe LV next year.

    by rudy0319krw: Unforgettable night with friends and family best time of my life and plan on going every year it comes amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. electronic dance music festivals beyond wonderlandHard Summer (CA)16 Fan Reviews 4.7 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by bbydoll: This was my first massive and I loved it! Made me crave more events like this! I would gladly revisit next year! Such good vibes and REAL people!


    by veee12: I loved hard it was the best! the set up was amazing all the dj’s (and) how everyone came together!!!! everything! I would do it again


  4. Beyond Wonderland (CA)151 Fan Reviews 4.7 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by Anonymous: By (far) the best experience of my life so far, so much fun, well organized, and an amazing atmosphere. Venue was great. I for sure attend next year 😀


    by MShaggy: This event was incredible. I went last year (2012) and this year blew last year away! Great energy! I call it more of a concert /festival than a rave.


  5. electronic dance music festivals paradisoSpring Awakening (IL)
    58 Fan Reviews 4.5 Star RatingWhat did fans have to say?

    by JoshDancesafeRockit: Totally awesome, one of the best electronic festivals I have ever been to! Chicago was awesome and so was Soldier Field!

    by Hoosier4Howie: this was was my first concert I’ve ever been too. It was insane. You could hear the music miles before arriving at the stadium….Every Dj that performed had the crowd literally off their feet. Couldn’t believe I was part of something so epic. Felt like I witnessed history.

  6. Paradiso (WA)32 Fan Reviews 4.5 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by Anonymous: Tons of fun! rowdy crowd, great music. lots of unique sets

    by Anonymous: This was just an insane event. The scenery was amazing, the people were great, and the performers were absolutely unforgettable. DJ Tiesto and Kaskade absolutely annihilated as headliners. I will never miss this festival as long as it keeps going every year.

  7. Nocturnal Wonderland (CA)27 Fan Reviews 4.3 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by sweetgal37: I had never been to this event and it comes around every year. It was the most spectacular event I have ever been to I highly recommend it. There is such great energy and good vibes all night. (There is) alot to experience and soak in that you wanna do it all. If I had to describe this event in one word it would be AMAZING! Pasquale Rotella really and most definitely knows what he is doing… 🙂

    by swimfroggy: Great all day event, loved the hilly area which gave everyone a great view and the phenomenal artists that performed. I plan on going again next year for more great Electronic music!

  8. Escape from Wonderland (CA)7 Fan Reviews 4 Star Rating
    What did fans have to say?

    by NYgirl00: I can’t even begin to describe Escape from Wonderland. The whole entire event was amazing. I’ve gone to plenty other Insomniac events but nothing like this. The sets were incredible and the DJs just made it even better. I traveled from NY to California to celebrate my birthday at this event and it did not disappoint. Just incredible.

    by Anonymous: Camping was amazing! Loved the arts and crafts they had before and after and liked the silent disco. Hope they do this for all the insomniac events.

  9. Snowball Music Festival (CO)24 Fan Reviews 3.9 Star Rating

    What did fans have to say?

    by Anonymous: AMAZEBALLS!!! LOVED IT! Flew to Denver specifically for this show…best decision ever.

    by Cornelius801: This event was absolutely amazing, the grounds themselves were a little smaller, but when Pretty Lights GRiZ and the PLM Showcase played it was absolutely remarkable. If you missed out, you missed quiet the impressive show.

  10. electronic dance music festivals moogfestHonorable MentionMoogfest (NC) – No Fan Reviews or Ratings but the electronic music festival and workshop is not one to write off!

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