20 DIY Ticket Stub Arts & Crafts Ideas

Collect old ticket stubs? Put ‘em to good use with these DIY arts and crafts ideas.

If you’ve collected event ticket stubs over the years but never really known what to do with them, boy does the internet have some ideas for you. We’ve scoured the web and compiled 20 creative and ingenious uses for old tickets that may make you think twice about tossing your concert, theater or sports tickets after the event. These crafty — and sometimes crazy — ideas are a far cry from stashing stubs away in a dusty drawer or shoebox, and a great way to make the good memories last even longer. Check out all the amazing creativity below, and who knows — you may just turn your next ticket into a masterpiece.

Tip: If you are framing your tickets under glass, we highly suggest you use a special glass that blocks harmful light.

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1. Build the most epic shrine in honor of your favorite artist
No shame in showing some spirited devotion!

monkees artist concert shrine
monkees artist concert shrine with ticket
Monkees Concert Shrine by fluffypants at Craftster.org

2. Create a useful accessory
Holding new stubs in a wallet made of old stubs? So meta.

Concert Coin and Card Purse by LovelyMiss at Craftster.org

3. Make a scrapbook with pics and tix
When you need a good trip down memory lane, you’ll be happy you did this.

Make a scrapbook with tickets
Concert Series Ticket Scrapbook by NoShowJr at Craftster.org

4. Create a shadowbox
There’s nothing shady about a shadowbox — it’s a great way to showcase mementos.



5. Bake a cake
It may be a fleeting pleasure, but there’s definitely something symbolic about eating a ticket-shaped cake of your favorite performer.

Have fun at the concert!! #arianagrande #arianagrandeconcert #tickets #ticketmaster # ticketmastercake

A photo posted by Style Me Sweets (@stylemesweets00) on

6. Make a keepsake journal/diary
If not for the pure organizational perks, a journal is the perfect way to flip back through the years of awesomeness.


7. Put your ticket stubs on display in a memory jar
When your friends ask what shows you’ve been to lately, all you gotta do is point.


8. Frame your tickets
Sometimes a simple frame is all you need to remember the grooves.


9. Make a fashion statement
Creating a super cute pair of concert ticket decoupage shoes is a sure fire way to keep the fashion police at bay.

Concert ticket decoupage shoes wedges

Concert Ticket Decoupage Shoes by visual muse-ic at Craftster.org

10. Decoupage furniture and home goods
And why stop at shoes? Trick out your furniture with ticket stub decoupage to add some fun flair to everyday objects.


11. Fill up a lamp
Ever wondered what clear glass lamps are for? Now you know.


12. Make a magnet
Keep everything in its right place with a handy concert ticket fridge magnet. Easy to make and hard to resist.


13. Design wall art
Less craft, more art. This piece would be equally at home in your living room or a gallery.


14. Sew a plush pillow
Sweet musical memories make for sweet dreams — if you turn your stubs into a pillow.


15. Make a ticket stub collage pillow
Why stick to one ticket per pillow when you can use them all?


16. Put it in a keychain
Carry your memories with you at all times with a handy ticket stub keychain.


17. Unique office art
Bigger isn’t always better…but it usually is.


18. Makeover your desk
Nothing inspires workday creativity like a desk full of mementos.


19. Safe storage for your tix
A clearly marked ticket receptacle ensures no stubs left behind.


20. Decal your wall
If you’re feeling ambitious, why not dedicate an entire wall of your room to your love of stubs?


Remember that you should never take a photo of your ticket and share it online before the event — this makes you susceptible to fraud. Once the show is over, however, the sky is the limit — get creative and share away! For more creative ticket stub ideas hit up Craftster, Etsy, and Pinterest, and if you’ve got any ticket stub masterpieces of your own make sure to share them in the comments.

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Ever wondered what to do with all of those old ticket stubs?

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