What You Need to Know About Required Health Checks

What is a Health Check?

Health Checks are safety protocols instituted by Event Organizers to help reduce attendee exposure to COVID-19. While specific requirements will vary across venues and events, some common measures may include (but are not limited to): a brief health questionnaire, a rapid onsite COVID-19 test, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from a recent at-home kit or offsite facility. Please check the Event Organizer’s website (usually the venue’s site) for event-specific details.


Who decides if a Health Check is required? 

In partnership with local health departments and government guidelines, the Event Organizer (those who provide events, such as artists, venues, teams, fan clubs, promoters, and leagues) determines if Health Checks will be required to attend an event.


Where can I find Health Check information for a specific event?

You can find event-specific details for your event at the Event Organizer’s website (this will most likely be the venue’s site). Leading up to the date of your event, the Event Organizer will likely provide information about specific Health Check requirements via email.


What happens if I fail the Health Check at the event?

It’s up to the Event Organizer’s discretion whether refunds will be offered for a failed health check. Please contact your event organizer directly to understand their specific refund policy prior to purchase. In addition, most events will give you the option to purchase Allianz ticket insurance when you buy your tickets on Ticketmaster, which may entitle you to a refund. This provides an extra layer of protection if you have one of the covered illnesses (including COVID where applicable) and can no longer attend. Learn more about ticket insurance here. 


Does the Health Check cost me anything?

In most cases, the cost of the Health Check is included in the cost of the ticket. Please confirm on the Event Organizer’s website (usually the venue’s site) and for additional information regarding any additional fees specific to your event.


Is my health information protected?

Ticketmaster does not store or have any access to information related to your Health Check. In some cases, the Event Organizer may require you use a third-party app like CLEAR to validate your identity in relation to your Health Check, in which case you would need to read their privacy policy for more information.


Does every attendee need to pass the Health Check?

In most cases all attendees (regardless of age) will need to pass the Health Check. Please check the Event Organizer’s website (usually the venue’s site) for event-specific details.


What other safety protocols should I be aware of?

Many venues are requiring attendees wear face masks and implementing socially distanced seating. Please check the Event Organizer’s website (usually the venue’s site) to learn more.