Step Inside: Coral Sky Amphitheatre – West Palm Beach, FL

Folks in South Florida have their fair share of outdoor activities to partake in: surfing, jetskiing, lounging on the beach, etc. But all of that pales compared to stretching out on the lawn at the South Florida Fairgrounds and watching your favorite band perform live.

That’s the kind of experience you can expect from the Coral Sky Amphitheatre, one of the most outstanding West Palm Beach concert venues around. Here’s everything you need to know about this gorgeous open-air venue.



1. It’s South Florida’s leading amphitheatre.

Located in the heart of West Palm Beach at the South Florida Fairgrounds, Coral Sky Amphitheatre is a premier destination for any major concert tour.


2. It was named for its incredible views.

When the amphitheatre first opened to the public in 1996, promoters wanted a venue name that captured the breathtaking views concertgoers would enjoy while the sun set behind the stage. And so, “Coral Sky Amphitheatre” was born.


3. It was made for lounging.

With 12,000 lawn seats (compared with 8,000 reserved pavilion seats), Coral Sky is perfect for laying on a blanket and just chilling out with your favorite bands. That being said, the venue can make use of its backstage area and loading dock to expand its general admission seating for more intense shows, like hardcore metal acts. And get this: There’s even a backstage pool!


4. It’s seen plenty of hard rock over the years.

Coral Sky Amphitheatre has played host to tons of hard rock and heavy metal festivals, including Ozzfest, Vans Warped Tour, Gigantour, Projekt Revolution, the Mayhem Festival and not one, but two CruĂ« Fests (that’s a lot of CruĂ«, even for Vince Neil).


5. It witnessed the end of “Girl Power.”

When the Spice Girls kicked off the American leg of their 1998 tour at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre, little did they realize their heyday was about to come crashing to a halt: Two weeks later, Geri Halliwell announced she was leaving the pop quintet.


6. It’s gone through several name changes.

Despite opening as the Coral Sky Amphitheatre, the venue’s naming rights have changed hands multiple times, sometimes going to a corporate sponsor and other times reverting back to the original name. Because of all this flip flopping, it has the distinction of being the amphitheatre with the most name changes in the U.S.


7. There are lots of local craft beers on tap.

Instead of going with the same tired selection of macro breweries, why not knock back some excellent craft beer? Coral Sky Amphitheatre has plenty of local favorites available, including Cigar City Brewing, Funky Buddha and Due South Brewing Co.


8. Plan on driving.

You’re gonna want to drive to the venue (or call a cab or use a ridesharing app). If you’re the tailgating type and want to arrive early, expect to pay a small parking fee. Otherwise, if you arrive closer to show time, you can park for free.


9. Upgrade your comfort level with lawn chairs.

Just because you’ve got general admission lawn tickets doesn’t mean you have to actually sit on the grass. Rent a lawn chair, kick back and relax, knowing that you’ll get through the entire show sans grass stains.


10. Sick of the beach? Go on a safari. 

Obviously, if you’re spending any amount of time in West Palm Beach or South Florida in general, you’re going to want to hit the beach. But for something a little bit off the beaten path, check out Lion Country Safari in nearby Loxahatchee. It faithfully recreates the experience of going on an African safari without all of those pesky inoculations.


11. Great food, including tasty local fare.

There are plenty of spots to grab some quality seafood in West Palm Beach, but if you want to be sure you’re getting only the freshest ingredients possible, check out the Avocado Grill. This award-winning restaurant boasts a locavore-driven approach to fine dining (that is, everything is locally sourced). You’ll find everything from raw oysters to fresh ceviche to satisfy that seafood craving. Also, Coral Sky feature Live Nation’s signature dished, including Questlove’s Cheesesteak™, named for the GRAMMY Award-winning drummer’s innovative spin on the Philly classic made with Impossible™ plant-based meat, and actor Danny Trejo’s famous Los Angeles Trejo’s Tacos. There are even refreshing drinks from our brand new signature cocktail program, curated by world-class mixologist and 2014 American Bartender of the Year, Sean Kenyon.


Coral Sky Amphitheatre takes advantage of its gorgeous South Florida surroundings to create a one-of-kind concert experience. Be sure to check out the full list of upcoming shows to see if one of your favorite acts is coming to West Palm Beach.

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