St. Louis City SC: Supporter Clubs & Chants

What are the St. Louis City SC Supporter Clubs Called?

It had been a long time coming for St. Louis City SC to exist, as the club was founded in 2019 but didn’t debut into Major League Soccer until 2023. In short, fans had been waiting patiently to support an MLS team in the Greater St. Louis area. St. Louis SC supporter clubs include St. Louligans, Saint Louis City Punks, Fleur de Noise, STL Santos and No Nap City Ultras, to name a few.

St. Louligans

Who Are St. Louligans?

The St. Louligans have been around for a while, providing fun antics and loud cheers to matches. When AC St. Louis began its play in the NASL, the St. Louligans were formed from supporters of the club. Through multiple pro and semi-pro teams that called St. Louis their home, the St. Louligans were there to support them. When St. Louis City SC debuted in 2023, the St. Louligans were there to show their pride. They are known for their philanthropic ways, supporting local charities.

Where Do St. Louligans Sit?

The St. Louligans can be found in the North End of CITYPARK, where St. Louis City SC plays its home matches. There is no official name for the section that the supporter groups commiserate in other than that it is known locally as the “North End.”


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How Do St. Louligans Members Show Team Pride?

The St. Louligans have a skull logo with a Fleur-de-lis at the top. You can find it on their official gear, such as scarves and shirts. There are multiple subsets of the St. Louligans, focused on different rooting perspectives. The Thieves aim to promote inclusivity among local soccer clubs and supporters while raising money for the marginalized sections of the community. Louligan Ladies works to gather more female fans to join the St. Louligans and support St. Louis City SC.

How to Join St. Louligans

There are no membership fees and no official sign-up process to become a St. Louligan. If you want to be one, you are one. According to their website, they have three rules: SHOW UP, MAKE NOISE, HAVE FUN. You can learn more about them by following them on X, Facebook, and Instagram

Saint Louis City Punks

Who is Saint Louis City Punks?

Saint Louis City Punks is a non-profit independent supporter group that focuses on community and dressing in the punk fashion style. Saint Louis City Punks are known for philanthropic work, specifically for mental health and suicide prevention organizations.

Where Does Saint Louis City Punks Sit?

Saint Louis City Punks stand with the other supporter groups in the North End of home matches.


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How Do Saint Louis City Punks Members Show Team Pride?

You can spot a Saint Louis City Punks member among a crowd, as they’re likely to be wearing a creative vest. They say they are the #vestdressedSG for St. Louis City SC. While vests are optional, they are encouraged for members. SLCP Riot Grrrls are a subset of Saint Louis City Punks that champion feminism and focus on the female experience in the supporter group. Saint Louis City Punks has a slogan, “Walk Among Us,” that you can find on a lot of its merchandise.

How to Join Saint Louis City Punks

Saint Louis City Punks membership costs $25 annually. You will receive an official member sticker, an enamel pin, a blackout logo patch, a pom knit beanie, and access to the members’ Discord server. You can choose either SLCP or Riot Grrrls logos for your gear. Follow SLCP on Instagram or X.

Fleur de Noise

Who is Fleur de Noise?

Fleur de Noise aims to make the home environment at St. Louis City SC matches as tough as possible for opponents visiting CITYPARK. Fleur de Noise provides the soundtrack to the match, as it is known for playing drums throughout. Members of the group have been supporting the St. Louis area soccer scene for years, and Fleur de Noise prides itself in working with local creators and merchandisers to support the community.

Where Does Fleur de Noise Sit?

Fleur de Noise is located in the North End of CITYPARK during home matches among the other supporter groups.

How Do Fleur de Noise Members Show Team Pride?

Fleur de Noise has a Fleur-de-lis as the basis of its logo with the words “Fun Time Dance Party Saint Louis” surrounding it. Fleur de Noise offers a lot in terms of merchandise, from quarter zip pullovers to beanies to polos to shorts and more. Fleur de Noise is known for being part of leading the St. Louis-specific chants to rile up the home supporters.

How to Join Fleur de Noise

It does not cost anything to join Fleur de Noise. Fleur de Noise is looking for drummers, instrumentalists, and chant leaders to join but all are welcome. You can just fill out the form on the group’s website to join.

St. Louis City SC Chants

Team-specific chants at each home match for St. Louis City SC include “Meet Me In St. Louie,” “We’re St. Louis City,” “Vamos St. Louis,” “Come On You Boys in Red,” and more. The supporters also come together to sing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Twist and Shout.”


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