Supporting Sporting Kansas City: Clubs & Chants

The MLS is one of the fastest-growing professional leagues in the United States. As more teams come into the fold, with a growing talent pool of players from around the world, dedicated fanbases are springing up across the country. There may not be an atmosphere or fanbase that offers a better MLS experience than the Supporters Groups at Children’s Mercy Park, home of Sporting Kansas City. The two most well-known groups, The Cauldron and South Stand SC, are the hearts that pump noise and encouragement, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

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The Cauldron

Who Is The Cauldron?

“Welcome to the Blue Hell”: Those are the words the Kansas City Cauldron use to welcome opposing teams in Children’s Mercy Park. As a supporters’ group that has been in place since 1996, the inception of Sporting Kansas City, The Cauldron was once referred to as The Mystics and routinely only had 50–100 fans in attendance each game. But as the club, the stadium and even the sport continued to grow, so too did fan participation. Today, The Cauldron also acts as an umbrella group, associating loosely with other independent supporters’ clubs like the King City Yardbirds, KC Soccer Misfits and Brookside Elite.

Where Do The Cauldron Sit?

As the 12th, 13th and 14th man of Sporting KC, Cauldron fans can get seats in the Supporters’ Stand (Sections S1 through S9). To get more information on game day, look for the hashtag #131FearTheReaper on social media. You can also head over to The Cauldron’s official website to learn more about pregame tailgating information.

How Do Cauldron Members Show Team Pride?

ESPN named The Cauldron as the fan group with the loudest fans in MLS, so it’s not a surprise that they are known for bringing the energy for all 90 minutes. Their #1 rule is “Always Stand, Never Sit.” Colors for Sporting KC and The Cauldron are two-tone blue, and can be paired with either striped, argyle or checkerboard. They also have more than a dozen songs and chants, which are organized before the game and belted throughout. 

How to Join The Cauldron

Rule #2 of The Cauldron is to be connected. Cauldron members share a love of soccer, food and drink, and their motto is “All Are Welcome!” To become a formal member, you must sign up for a membership; head to the KC Cauldron website to learn more.  

South Stand SC

Who is South Stand SC?

Like The Cauldron, South Stand SC is an umbrella supporters’ group with a singular mission: to help fans support Sporting Kansas City and other community organizations. Members under the South Stand SC umbrella include the Boulevard Battery, Diamond Club SC and Free State Firm. While The Cauldron is a more hostile section of Children’s Mercy Park, the South Stand SC section is a little more family-friendly, but equally passionate. With the motto “South Stand Til I Die,” the loyalty and passion of these Sporting Kansas City fans is unquestionable. 

Where Does South Stand SC Sit?

Sections 115 through 121 are the home of South Stand SC. Aptly named because of their location in the South Stand of Children’s Mercy Park, this section includes chair-back seats and year-round coverage from the elements. Members of the South Stand also tailgate pregame in the White Lot. More information can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

How Do South Stand SC Members Show Team Pride?

South Stand SC have more than a dozen chants and songs that they sing throughout the 90 minutes of Sporting KC home games. One of their signature chants is a personalized rendition of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” titled “Hey Blue.” South Stand SC also have customized merchandise, like scarves and flags, which can be found on their website.

How to Join South Stand SC

Membership and tickets to the South Stand can be purchased on their fan website. You can also reach out to their board via social media for more information.

Sporting Kansas City Songs & Chants


Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now,
Ain’t nobody, KANSAS CITY!
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now,
Ain’t nobody, KANSAS CITY!

Woah oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. (x2)


Ohhhh Campeones,
The one and only SKC,
They said our days are numbered,
And we are not famous anymore,
But we are off to rule the league,
Like we did once before.


We love ya, we love ya, we love ya,
And where you go,
We’ll follow, we’ll follow, we’ll follow,
Because we support
The Wizards, The Wizards, The Wizards,
And that’s the way
We like it, we like it, we like it.

Ooh-ahh-ooh-aah-ooh (x2)


Come on Sporting score a goal,
It’s really very simple,
Put the ball into the net,
And we’ll go [freaking] mental!

Da, da-da, da, da, da, da,
Da, da-da, da, da, da,
Da, da-da, da, da, da, da,
And we’ll go [freaking] mental!


Everywhere we go,
People wanna know,
Who we are,
So, we tell them,
We are the Wizards,
The mighty, mighty Wizards!
We are the Wizards,
The mighty, mighty Wizards!

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