Supporting Houston Dynamo: Fan Clubs & Chants

What are the Houston Dynamo Supporter Clubs Called?

The Houston Dynamo have a large following of fans called the Hustle Town Supporters. Every supporter club brings something different to the table, but they are all connected through their love for their home team. The groups associated with the Hustle Town Supporters are The Surge, El Batallon, Bandera Negra, and the Texian Army.

Who Is The Surge?

The Surge is a supporters’ group whose goal is to champion the Houston Dynamos, local Houston soccer, and the surrounding communities. With a mission to represent “H-Town,” The Surge put as much emphasis on supporting their local community as they do supporting the Dynamo. On their official website, The Surge have a motto of “Club and Community.” Along with the Houston Dynamo, The Surge members also support Houston teams such as the Dash, the Dynamo 2 and the Academy. The Surge supports their community by raising money for local charities, volunteering and supporting local businesses.

The Surge began as a joke amongst friends in 2019; however, after a powerful orange wave of support followed their social media posts, the group understood there was a need for a different outlook in the Houston soccer fan realm. The group officially formed in 2020, meeting at Rodeo Goat for a pregame and marching together to BBVA Stadium. The pandemic did not slow The Surge down, as they donated funds to Dynamo Charities and organized volunteer work for their members. 

Where Does The Surge Sit?

The Surge sit in section 116 at Shell Energy Stadium. The supporters also meet three hours before kickoff at the outside patio of Pitch25. 

How Do The Surge Members Show Team Pride?

The Surge show their support by always repping the Houston Dynamo colors of orange and black. They also stand, sing, cheer ,and wave flags throughout the game. The Surge also have their own merch, which can be purchased here.

For away games, The Surge have watch parties at different bars and restaurants such as Eureka Heights, The Phoenix and Second Draught, where they receive membership discounts. For all away game watch parties, keep up with their social media posts on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. 

How to Join The Surge

The Surge’s base membership is called the Naranja Membership and costs $25 annually. The membership comes with a jersey/shirt, membership discounts and access to members-only events.

Join The Surge on their official website here. Also be sure to follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Who Is Bandera Negra?

Bandera Negra (Black Flag) is a Houston Dynamo support group and tailgating club. They have been tailgating at Dynamo games since 2009 and are fierce supporters and fans of the team. 

Where Does Bandera Negra Sit?

Follow Bandera Negra on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to find up-to-date locations of where fans will be sitting. The group traditionally sits in the Hustle Town Safe Standing Supports Section, which is on the north end of the Venue. Bandera Negra also tailgates in parking lot C, where they offer free tailgate entry to their members. Food is also available for purchase at their tailgates. They typically begin their tailgate around three hours before kickoff.

How Do Bandera Negra Members Show Team Pride?

Bandera Negra members wear the Houston Dynamos colors of orange and black. They wave black flags with a skull and crossbones during the game, and use the Twitter hashtags #HoldItDown and #ContraTodos (Against Everyone). With a motto of “Eat, Drink and Raise Hell,” these members are not there to play, they’re there to win.

How to Join Bandera Negra

Bandera Negra memberships are $35 annually and memberships can be applied for here. Be sure to follow their social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to receive up-to-date information about tailgating and seating locations.

Who Is El Batallon?

El Batallon is one of the original supporters’ groups for the Houston Dynamo. El Batallon is Houston’s own Barra Brava-style group, providing cheers and atmosphere to the Dynamos throughout the game, as well as supporting the community with local charity work.

Where Does El Batallon Sit?

The location for the seating area for El Batallon can be found on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. The group traditionally sits in the Hustle Town Safe Standing Supports Section, which is on the north end of the venue. This area has the capacity to host up to 1,200 fans.

How Do El Batallon Members Show Team Pride?

El Batallon members show their pride by wearing the Houston Dynamo colors of black and orange. The group has a tradition of marching together toward the stadium for select games. Along with waving flags, cheering and chanting during the games, the group lights off orange smoke canisters to show their support.

How to Join El Batallon

El Batallon has an annual membership of $35 which can be purchased here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Houston Dynamo Chants & Songs

We are Orange

We are Orange

Forever we are Orange

Forever we are Orange

Forever we are Ooo-Orange

Orange Forever

I am Orange forever

Even after I die

You’re in my heart

I will never leave your side

El Matador

Señores yo soy de Houston y tengo Aguante (Aguante!)

Y sigo a los de Houston a todas partes (Porque?)

Porque es un sentimiento

Que se lleva en mi corazon

Daria toda mi vida por se campeon

Dale Dynamo (4x)

Vamos vamos los naranjas vamo’ a ganar

Vaaamos vamos los naranjas vamo a ganar

Vaaaamos vamos los naranjas vamo a ganar

Yo te sigo a todas partes a donde vas,

Cada vez te quiero maaas

Vamos Houston

Vamos, Vamos Houston

Esta noche, temenos que ganaaaar


Y Dale dale Dynamooo, dale Dynamo

El Batallón está de fiesta y ya llegó

Vino a Alentarte sin paraaaar

Está reloca por la Vuelta, quiere festejar

Y vamos los Naranjas vamos Pongan huevooos

Ganar el Campeonato es lo que mas quiero

Seamos de local o de visitaaanteee

Nosotro’ en la tribuna vamoa’ acompañarteee


En Las Buenas Y en Las malas te alentamoooos

Con mis amigos voy descontroladoooo

Houston te venimo’ a ver

Esta Noche no podés perdeeeer

Y Vamooooos

Y vamos vamos Los Naranjaaas

Dale Dynamooo, Quiero ser campeóooon

Queremos La Copa

Dale Dynamo

Queremo’ la Copa

La hinchada esta loca y yo quiero verte campeón

Yo te voy alentar como todos los años

Esa es mi ilusión quiero verte campeón

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