Evolving Social Commerce

Back in November we announced our new Facebook integration on Ticketmaster.com and Livenation.com and we’re excited to share a quick update on how it’s driving great engagement on our sites and more importantly, driving incremental ticket sales on behalf of our clients. Each day we are getting thousands of RSVPs (people hitting the ‘attending’ button), ‘likes’ from artist and venue pages, and ‘recommends’ on our event pages.

To date, the traffic and sales that those drive make each RSVP worth over $5 in sales for our clients. Each Like or Recommend is worth just under $3. And those numbers don’t count engagement and sales driven through the modules on our site, or someone being made aware of a show coming to town by seeing a story in their newsfeed and then coming back and buying tickets later.

Here are a few examples:

Artist/Team/Show pages with good ‘Like’ activity and recent ‘RSVPs’:


Taylor Swift


Detroit Red Wings

Event pages ‘Recommends’:

New Kids/Backstreet Boys

Kenny Chesney


It’s a great start as we evolve into one of the most social commerce sites on the web and mobile, and we’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more to come…


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