Midwestern Glory: The Spirited Tale of the Bulls vs. Pacers Rivalry

When Do the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls Play Next?

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Are the Indiana Pacers and the Chicago Bulls Rivals?

Yes, the Indiana Pacers and the Chicago Bulls are rivals. The rivalry between these teams started during the 1990s when NBA superstars, Reggie Miller of the Pacers and Michael Jordan of the Bulls, would often face off in high-intensity games.

Who are the Indiana Pacers’ Biggest Rivals?

Along with the Chicago Bulls, the Indiana Pacers are strong rivals with the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and the Boston Celtics. The Indiana Pacers also have an intense rivalry with the Detroit Pistons, which led to the infamous 2004 brawl named the “Malice at the Palace.”

Who are the Chicago Bulls’ Biggest Rivals?

Besides the Indiana Pacers, the Chicago Bulls are rivals with the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. The Bulls and Knicks met in the NBA Playoffs six times between 1989 and 1996, with the Bulls defeating the Knicks in 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996.

Game Results Between the Bulls & Pacers

As of 2023, the Bulls and Pacers have played each other more than 200 times. We created a comprehensive table of their recent heated head-to-head matchups for fans to better understand the rivalry.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
03/05/2023BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana125-122
02/15/2023PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana117-113
01/24/2023PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana116-110
10/26/2022BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago124-109
02/04/2022PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago122-115
12/31/2021PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago108-106
12/26/2021BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago113-105
11/22/2021BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana109-77
04/06/2021PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago113-97
02/15/2021PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago120-112
12/26/2020BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana125-106
03/06/2020BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana108-102
01/29/2020PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana115-106
01/10/2020BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana116-105
11/03/2019PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana108-95
03/05/2019PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana105-96
01/04/2019BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana119-116
12/04/2018PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana96-90
11/02/2018BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana107-105
01/06/2018PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana125-86
12/29/2017BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago119-107
12/06/2017PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana98-96
11/10/2017BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana105-87
12/30/2016PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana111-101
12/26/2016BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago90-85
11/05/2016PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana111-94
10/29/2016BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago118-101
03/29/2016PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago98-96
12/30/2015BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago102-100
11/27/2015PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana104-92
11/16/2015BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago96-95
03/18/2015BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago103-86
03/06/2015PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana98-84
12/29/2014PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago92-90
11/15/2014BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana99-90
03/24/2014BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago89-77
03/21/2014PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana91-79
11/16/2013BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago110-94
11/06/2013PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana97-80
03/23/2013BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago87-84
03/03/2013PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana97-92
02/04/2013PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana111-101
12/04/2012BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana80-76
04/25/2012PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago92-87
03/05/2012BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago92-72
01/25/2012BullsPacersUnited CenterIndiana95-90
04/26/2011BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago116-89
04/23/2011PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana89-84
04/21/2011PacersBullsGainbridge FieldhouseChicago88-84
04/18/2011BullsPacersUnited CenterChicago96-90

Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls History

As with many NBA rivalries, the Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls rivalry began with both teams being in the same division, the NBA’s Central Division. However, this rivalry truly began in the 1990s when the two superstars of the league, Chicago’s Michael Jordan and Indiana’s Reggie Miller, would consistently face off in a true battle-of-the-best. Memorable moments during the 1990s Pacers vs. Bulls rivalry include the 1991 ball-kicking incident when Pacers’ Chuck Person was called for a technical foul and booted the game ball into the crowd, resulting in an ejection. The rivalry continued in 1994 when Miller hit a seemingly game-winning three-pointer with .8 seconds left on the clock, then bowed at midcourt to the Bulls fans who greeted him with “booooos.” Toni Kukoč of the Bulls proceeded to hit a miraculous three-pointer at the buzzer to give the Bulls a victory at home.

The Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls rivalry came to a head when the teams met for the first time in the 1998 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The Bulls, coming off two consecutive NBA Championships, faced the Pacers in a hard-fought and intense series. The Bulls narrowly won Game 1 and Game 2 of the series and the Pacers won Game 3. Game 4 ended when Miller made a three-pointer with .4 seconds left in the game. Miller proceeded to jump, spin, and dance around the court as he celebrated one of the most important shots of his career. Jordan barely missed a last-attempt three-pointer to give the Pistons the win and tie the series 2-2. The Bulls won Game 5 and the Pacers won Game 6, leading to only the second Game 7 in the Bulls’ dynasty era (1991–1998). The Chicago Bulls won Game 7 and continued to win their next series against the Utah Jazz to win their third consecutive championship and sixth championship in eight years.

The Bulls and Pacers would meet again once more in the 2011 Eastern Conference First Round with the Bulls winning 4-1.

Throughout the history of the Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers rivalry, the Bulls have a narrow lead of 103 regular season wins to the Pacers 100. During the NBA Playoffs, the Bulls have won 8 out of 12 contests.

Where Do the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers Play?

The Chicago Bulls play their home games at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Located in the Near West Side neighborhood of Chicago, United Center is also the home stadium to Chicago’s NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Indiana Pacers’ home stadium is Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Located in downtown Indianapolis, Gainbridge Fieldhouse has been the Pacers’ home since it opened in 1999.

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