Hotlanta vs. Heat City: Hawks & Heat Upcoming Game Tickets & Info

When Do the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat Play Next?

Atlanta Hawks tickets and Miami Heat tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat Rivals?

Yes, the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat regularly battle within the Eastern Conference’s Southeast Division, which has fostered a fierce regional rivalry between the two teams.

Who are the Atlanta Hawks’ Biggest Rivals?

Other than the Miami Heat, the Atlanta Hawks have generated historic rivalries in the NBA Playoffs with the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers.

Who are the Miami Heat’s Biggest Rivals?

The Heat maintain white hot animosity against numerous teams in the Eastern Conference including the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers.

Game Results Between the Hawks & Heat

The Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat played for the first time during the 1988-89 NBA season. That season saw the teams play twice in the regular season with the Heat winning the first matchup and the Hawks winning the second. In total, the Hawks and the Heat have played 134 games, with the Heat holding the edge at 76 victories to 58 victories for the Hawks.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
04/11/2023HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta116-105
03/06/2023HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami130-128
03/04/2023HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami117-109
01/16/2023HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta121-113
11/27/2022HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami106-98
04/26/2022HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami97-94
04/24/2022HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami110-86
04/22/2022HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta111-110
04/19/2022HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami115-105
04/17/2022HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami115-91
04/08/2022HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami113-109
01/21/2022HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta110-108
01/14/2022HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami124-118
01/12/2022HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami115-91
04/23/2021HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta118-103
03/02/2021HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta94-80
02/28/2021HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami109-99
02/20/2020HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta129-124
12/10/2019HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami135-121
10/31/2019HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami106-97
10/29/2019HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami112-97
03/04/2019HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami114-113
01/06/2019HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta106-82
11/27/2018HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta115-113
11/03/2018HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta123-118
04/04/2018HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami115-86
04/03/2018HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami101-98
12/18/2017HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta110-104
10/23/2017HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami104-93
02/24/2017HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami108-90
02/01/2017HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami116-93
12/07/2016HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta103-95
11/15/2016HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta93-90
02/19/2016HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami115-111
01/31/2016HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami105-87
12/14/2015HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami100-88
11/03/2015HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta98-92
03/27/2015HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta99-86
02/28/2015HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta93-91
12/03/2014HeatHawksKaseya CenterAtlanta112-102
11/14/2014HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta114-103
04/12/2014HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta98-85
01/20/2014HawksHeatState Farm ArenaAtlanta121-114
12/23/2013HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami121-119
11/19/2013HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami104-88
03/12/2013HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami98-81
02/20/2013HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami103-90
12/10/2012HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami101-92
11/09/2012HawksHeatState Farm ArenaMiami95-89
03/07/2012HeatHawksKaseya CenterMiami89-86

Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat History

The story of the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat rivalry is a story of two great NBA franchises vying for dominance in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference.

The Hawks and the Heat have played 17 times in the NBA Playoffs, going as far back as 1994, with the Heat winning nine times in the postseason and the Hawks winning 8 times. In 2022, the Heat knocked off the Hawks in the Eastern Conference First Round, 4-1, which helped reignite their long standing rivalry.

Most recently in the 2023 season, the Hawks beat the Heat in the Play-In series, clinching the 7 seed in the Eastern Conference while the Heat settled for the 8 seed. The Hawks went on to lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Boston Celtics, 4-2, but the Heat went on a miracle run. They knocked off the 1 seed Milwaukee Bucks in the first round, making it all the way to the NBA Finals where they ultimately lost to the Denver Nuggets.

Where Do the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat Play?

The Atlanta Hawks play their home games at State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Since opening in 1999, the State Farm Arena has hosted NBA and WNBA games, National Hockey League games, Arena Football League games, professional wrestling events, MMA matches and a variety of concerts. For NBA games, State Farm Arena has a total capacity of 16,600 seats and an expanded capacity of 21,000 for concerts and special events.

The Miami Heat’s home arena is the Kaseya Center, located on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. The Kaseya Center has hosted numerous NBA Finals games in recent years, including the 2023 NBA Finals in which the Heat eventually lost to the Denver Nuggets in five games. The Kaseya Center has a total capacity of 19,600 for basketball games and an expanded capacity of over 20,000 for concerts and special events.

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