What to Bring to a Concert: 30 Dos and Don’ts For Fans

The tickets are secured — now comes the concert prep. Whether you’re planning months ahead or taking one last sweep through a running to-do list, the process of deciding what to bring to a concert and what to leave behind can be exhausting. Keep the pre-show preparations under control by sorting through our ultimate concert must-haves checklist.

What to Bring

Verified Tickets

Don’t ever get stopped at the door without your ticket. The entry process has gotten easier and more secure thanks to the Ticketmaster app’s leading-edge technology, where your phone is now your ticket.

Wallet with cash and ID

Although many venues offer cashless or contact-free transactions, a wallet and valid photo ID are still essential. Skip the ATM line with cash on hand – you may want to check that coat at the show – and have your ID readily available at the gate.


If you’re going to a concert at a big arena or stadium, binoculars can enhance the viewing experience.


Of course, make sure you have the Ticketmaster app, but don’t forget rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft to catch a ride before or after the show. Just make sure your phone usage doesn’t become a distraction to fellow concertgoers.

Hair Ties

Ventilation varies by venue, so it’s always a good idea to have some hair ties handy. To add extra flair to your concert fit, pick an assortment of colorful bands to match.

Attachable Keychain

Keep keys secure on any dancefloor with an attachable keychain. Easily attached to any handbag or belt loop, the tiny device can make the biggest difference.


Don’t find yourself searching the pit for your undoubtedly damaged glasses and opt for contact lenses.


Sunscreen is a must for everyone in an outdoor setting. Bring a small bottle of your ideal SPF to ensure that you’ll only be thinking of the incredible show you just saw — rather than dealing with a sunburn the next day.


Enjoy the full power of live music for years to come by investing in quality earplugs. A pair of concert-optimized earplugs will soften any high decibel environment without losing the edge of a live performance.

Fully Charged Phone and External Battery

Make sure your phone’s battery is completely topped off before a concert, but be prepared if it quickly loses juice with a portable charger. Just don’t forget to bring the pesky phone cord, too.


Temperatures can dip whether a concert is outdoors or inside, so layer up with a stylish sweater to maintain maximum comfort levels.

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout a live show by bringing a personal, collapsible water bottle where permitted. Check the approved items policy for a specific venue before making the trip.

Outfit Accessories

Take your ensemble to the next level with the perfect accessories. A trendy hat or piece of jewelry goes a long way in any season, and you can revisit our picks for summer concert must-haves for more inspiration.

Comfortable Shoes

Seated or standing room-only, there’s no denying that the right shoes can give any concert an extra lift. Pick out your favorite pair of kicks and earn bonus style points for matching them to the rest of your outfit.

Mini Backpack

Keep your hands free and pockets open by bringing a small bag or tote. Typically, a clear bag that is 12” x 6” x 12” or smaller will be permitted, but always make sure to verify your venue’s bag policy before the show.


Whether you’re clearing off crumbs from a venue snack or wiping away tears after a life-changing concert experience, keep things tight and tidy with a pack of tissues or wipes at your disposal.

Emergency Plan

Every concert guest should make a plan in case of emergency. Common practices include writing down important contact information if you lose your phone, sharing your location, identifying a venue’s emergency exits, preparing for inclement weather and arranging transportation home.

What NOT to Bring

New Shoes

Don’t risk a crease or scuff on your new sneakers and keep the fresh kicks at home. Prioritize comfort over style for live shows, especially at general admission-exclusive gigs.

Favorite Clothing

Be warned that every article of clothing worn at a large live event is one spilled drink away from being ruined. Unless you’ve been waiting to wear your favorite piece of artist merch, it’s a good idea to stash your best threads at home.

Flip Flops or Heels

Save your toes from getting stepped on by wearing closed-toed shoes like flats or sneakers instead of flip-flops or heels.

Excessive Jewelry

That jewelry must’ve cost a fortune, so don’t pay the price by losing anything! Comfort should still be top priority, even if a concert fit calls for more accessories.

Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are great tools to capture lasting memories with friends, but being considerate of other concertgoers means leaving the large, view-blocking devices behind.

Professional Cameras, Tripods and Drones

Many venues will not allow professional cameras, recording equipment and drones, so capture what you can with a phone’s camera and follow the socials of your favorite teams, bands and venues to catch any authorized photos and videos of the event.

Potentially Dangerous Items

Avoid items that could be deemed potentially dangerous or harmful, from the more obvious offenders like fireworks and other flammable materials to less overtly threatening objects like pointed umbrellas.


Although some venues and all-ages events allow and encourage strollers, it can sometimes be more convenient to park your wheels at home. Be sure to confirm your venue’s policy and capacity for stroller storage ahead of an event.

Bad Attitude

A live event can usually lift anyone’s spirits, but even if the show is striking a bad note for you, don’t sour the experience for everyone else. Complaints are best addressed by a venue’s guest services, not your seatmates.

Laptops and Tablet Computers

A concert venue is the last place to take care of important business or play games on your tablet. Leave the second-screen experience at home and enjoy the show.

Outside Food

Make a night of it and enjoy the treats and specialty drinks your local venue can whip up. If you still prefer bringing a snack from home, check the policy on what is permitted by a specific venue first.

Distraction Items

Every audience member deserves a unique and undisturbed concert experience, so don’t make yourself the headline of someone else’s night by bringing distracting and disruptive items such as laser pens, beach balls, bullhorns and noisemakers.