11 Songs About Fatherhood From Your Favorite Acts On Tour

As summer brings about celebrating the strength and inspiration of our dads, who’s better to help you bring this appreciation to life than some of your favorite musicians?

Beyond the songs we get to revisit and treasure from across their respective catalogs, you’ve got a chance to see each of them live this summer!

Check out some of our favorite songs honoring fatherhood from artists currently on tour, and don’t forget to grab a ticket so you can hopefully share a few or make new memories with your very own dad.

Dave Matthews Band

Is it really summer if Dave Matthews Band isn’t touring? Hopefully this cut from Everyday will make some appearances this year to keep over two decades of live music tradition alive.


Dead & Company

Daddy make whiskey and he made it well – and John Mayer is injecting new life into classics “Brown Eyed Women” as Dead & Company continues to make the most of their fiery, exciting summer tour.


Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean knows about pausing to take in the good life before the arrival of another day, thanks to the upbringing by his “all-American mom and dad.” Imagine how proud they are to see their son taking the country world by storm!


Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington is one of the most exciting musicians on tour right now, and can be seen warming up the stage for Florence and the Machine this year. His musical connection to fatherhood is extra special as he is joined onstage every night by his father, Rickey Washington, playing an assortment of instruments and carrying his own jazz musician legacy through his son’s thoughtful and rich growing fame.



Father’s Day can also be about forgiveness, which is chronicled by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo throughout many songs in the band’s career. Ultimately, “Foolish Father” closes the chapter about Cuomo’s father rebuilding their relationship when the band released their all-time classic “Say It Ain’t So.”



Lou Gramm’s been dying to know what love is for decades now. He also wrote this hit surrounding a piece of advice directly dispensed from his dad: “Son – life is simple: it’s either cherry red or Midnight Blue.”


Counting Crows

One of the most subtle but iconic dads in pop music is the image of Mr. Jones’ father playing guitar at the top of their most popular song to date. How else would the inspiration have come about? We all want something beautiful…

Kenny Chesney

Father’s Day is all about the inspiration from generations beyond. Kenny Chesney sings beautifully about all the wisdom and words to live by passed down and through his own dad thanks to his grandpa in this memorable, heart-worn hit.


Zac Brown Band

Even on his skyrocket to stardom, Zac Brown keeps the admiration for his father alive with this song commemorating all he’s learned so far, all the miles to go, and the shoes he hopes to fill.


Steely Dan

No acknowledgement of dads can exist without The Dan! We’re still not sure who this dastardly daddy might be, but we know where he certainly isn’t anymore…


Paul Simon

We’ve all had a bop to the classic “Mother and Child Reunion” but how about a tear shed or two for “Father and Daughter” these days? This later hit for Simon, produced by Brian Eno, is jaw-droppingly beautiful and emotional, even for Simon – especially since this summer is the very last chance to catch him on tour before his retirement…

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