Phoenix Suns vs. Sacramento Kings: A History of the Rivalry

When Do the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns Play Next?

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Are the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns Rivals?

The Kings and Suns do not have as historic of a rivalry as other teams, mostly because of the lack of success the Kings have had during their time in Sacramento. The teams have been in the same division since 1988 and the 2022–2023 season was the first time both teams finished in the top four of the Western Conference playoffs in the same season.

Who Are the Sacramento Kings’ Biggest Rivals?

The biggest rivalry the Kings have is with the Los Angeles Lakers. The two franchises have met in the postseason 10 times, including three times since both teams moved to California. The Rochester Royals, the second iteration in the history of the Kings, met the Minneapolis Lakers five times in the playoffs between 1949 and 1955, with the Lakers taking four of the five series. But the rivalry picked up in the early 2000s, as they met in three straight playoffs from 2000 to 2002. The 2002 series went seven games with the Lakers winning Games 6 and 7, the final one in overtime, to take the Western Conference title. That is the deepest playoff run the Kings have had since they moved to Sacramento. The Golden State Warriors are also a formidable foe for the Kings, thanks to their geographic proximity.

Who Are the Phoenix Suns’ Biggest Rivals?

The Suns’ biggest rivals are the Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. The Lakers and Suns have met 13 times in the postseason, with the Lakers winning eight of the series. Between 1970 and 1989, the Lakers won six straight series before the Suns broke through in the rivalry with series wins in 1990 and 1993. The Suns knocked the Lakers out three times in the first round since 2006, but the Lakers took the Western Conference title in 2010 over the Suns en route to a championship.

The Suns and Spurs have met 10 times in the postseason, including the Western Conference Semifinals in 2007, one of the most heated series in NBA history. The Suns have won four of the 10 series, including a sweep in 2010, their most recent playoff battle.

Game Results Between the Kings & Suns

The Kings and Suns games this season will start in Sacramento on December 22 and the teams will meet four times, with the final game coming in Sacramento on April 12, 2024. The Suns’ home games are on January 16, 2024 and February 13, 2024.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
2023-12-08SunsKingsFootprint CenterSacramento114-106
2023-03-24KingsSunsGolden 1 CenterSacramento135-127
2023-03-11SunsKingsFootprint CenterSacramento128-119
2023-02-14SunsKingsFootprint CenterPhoenix120-109
2022-11-28KingsSunsGolden 1 CenterPhoenix122-117
2022-04-10SunsKingsFootprint CenterSacramento116-109
2022-03-20KingsSunsGolden 1 CenterPhoenix127-124
2021-11-08KingsSunsGolden 1 CenterPhoenix109-104
2021-10-27SunsKingsFootprint CenterSacramento110-107
2021-04-15SunsKingsFootprint CenterPhoenix122-114

Sacramento Kings vs. Phoenix Suns History

The Kings vs. Suns rivalry existed even before the teams moved cities. The Suns have been around since 1968 in Phoenix, while the Kings have been in Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Sacramento since then. The teams have faced off a total of 264 times with the Suns winning 153 of the games. The teams met in three straight postseasons from 1979 to 1981, as the Suns beat the Kings (then based in Kansas City) in the first two series.

The Kings would go on to win the 1981 Western Conference Semifinals in seven games. The teams met again in the 2001 Western Conference first round with the Sacramento Kings topping the Suns in four games. They haven’t met in the postseason since, as the Kings have only made the playoffs twice since then.

Where Do the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings Play?

The Phoenix Suns play at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s home to the Suns, Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, and the Arizona Rattlers indoor football team.

The Sacramento Kings play at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. It was built in 2016 and hosts basketball games and concerts.

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