From Overseas Stardom to His Southern Backyard: Get to Know Brent Cobb

The traditional roadmap for country music is diversifying so much with modern-day outlaws – both male and female – yet the genre’s songwriting and poetry is musically profound as ever. When it comes to country and rock’s latest wave, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Brent Cobb embodies much more than your typical Nashville fare.

Get to know the Ellaville, Georgia native and his most recent LP Providence Canyon through his very own words; and check him out in a city near you touring solo or opening for Chris Stapleton.

1. Brent’s Overall Sound

“If you like back porches, rural routes, and storytelling – you’ll love Brent Cobb.”

Mornin's Gonna Come – this Friday 4/13

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2. Brent’s Biggest Influences

“[Honky tonk performer] Roger Miller, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, [Lynyrd Skynyrd lead singer] Ronnie Van Zant, and Tom Petty. I dream of collaborating with Willie, Dolly, or both.”


3. Brent’s Creative Process

“I’ve been writing my whole life. Music runs in the family. My process is still much like it was a kid: I try to pull it out of thin air. If nothing shows up, I try again later.”

4. Brent’s Career Highlights

“One that sticks out is having my dad perform a song he wrote in ’92 on stage with me during my Grand Ole Opry debut. Being invited to be back out on Chris Stapleton’s All American Road Show for a second year in a row is up there, too.”

5. Brent’s Jump from Intimate Clubs to Arenas

“I try not to think about it too much – we just start the show and hope for the best.”

6. Brent’s Notoriety with Audiences Overseas

“I’m not too surprised… Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and many others have always appreciated American southern music – a lot of times before we even do.”

7. Brent’s Songwriting Philosophy

“Just because a song is serious doesn’t mean it has to be depressing. On the flipside, just because a song is fun doesn’t mean it has to be stupid.”

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8. Brent on Family Life vs. the Road

“[The road] is tough. I quit sleeping a long time ago. We’ve only been back [in his native Georgia] for a year and I was on the road a lot. I’m excited to see how being home will influence the music.”

A tree and them by a river.

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9. Brent on the Priceless Wisdom of his Daughter

“Like most four-year-olds, [she] is wide open all the time. The other evening I was getting some charcoal started for supper and going to rest for a few. We had been raving for an hour. I was trying to convince her to take a seat beside me when she said, ‘But Daddy – if we don’t race, nobody’s gonna win.’ I guess that’s true!”

Happy Mama's Day to these mama's and all other mothers. Thanks for all you do.

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10. Brent’s Patience and Persistence

“I’m proud that I’ve been able to make a living at it for twelve years… it’s taken me this long to make it to your ear – thanks for listening.”

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