Florida Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday

What is Florida Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday?

On March 11, 2022, the Florida Senate once again passed legislation establishing the Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday to provide savings for individuals and families enjoying music, sporting, theater, and other entertainment events. During this time, purchases of admissions to these events, under the terms below, will be tax-free.


What are the dates of this tax holiday?

Florida Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday begins Friday, July 1, 2022, and ends Thursday, July 7, 2022, and includes events held from July 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.


What types of Ticketmaster inventory are eligible to receive this tax exemption?

Tickets purchased on Ticketmaster.com for live events, including concerts and festivals, sporting events, plays, musicals, and other cultural events, held from July 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022, in the State of Florida may be exempt from sales tax. However, additional services purchased (such as parking, memorabilia, etc.) may not be eligible for a sales tax exemption.


Who is eligible for a tax exemption?

Anyone who purchases a ticket between July 1, 2022, through July 7, 2022, for an eligible 2022 Florida event.


What is the tax-exempt rate?

The total tax rate is determined at the county level. Please check your venue’s local sales tax rate to calculate your exemption.


How will I receive this tax exemption?

How you receive this tax exemption will depend on the type of ticket selected and the method of payment used at the time of purchase. In most cases, you will see your tax exemption refund within one (1) business day, but this can vary depending on your bank’s policies. This exemption may be:

  • In the form of a “$0 sales tax” at checkout (if no tax was charged during purchase)
  • As a refund to your original method of payment used at the time of purchase (e.g., your credit card), for the sales tax portion of the total order 
  • As a gift card (if you purchased via a voucher or gift card)


Why am I still seeing tax included at check out?

In many cases, sales tax is included in the total ticket price. The sales tax amount charged at the point of sale for eligible items within your order will be refunded to you within one (1) business day of your order processing to your original method of purchase. Please note: processing time may vary depending on your bank’s policies.


Will my receipt (in my online account) or my Order Confirmation email display my tax exemption amount?

If tax was included in your purchase price, the confirmation email you receive — and your online receipt — will show the initial full charge and will not display your tax-exempt pricing. Once you have received your tax exemption, you will see this updated and reflected on your receipt in your account under the line TAXREF.

What if my event is postponed or rescheduled?

Tax-exempt eligibility is based on the date of the event when originally purchased. If the event is rescheduled to another date outside of the promotional period, you will not be charged tax for that event.


If I exchange, upgrade, or add additional tickets to my order AFTER July 7, 2022, will I be charged tax if there are additional charges?

Any additional charges (e.g., adding another ticket to your order after July 7,2022) will be subject to regular taxes and not qualify for tax exemption.