Midwest Malice: Pistons vs. Pacers History & Upcoming Game Information

When Do the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers Play Next?

Detroit Pistons tickets and Indiana Pacers tickets can be found on their respective team pages, along with schedule information.

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Are the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers Rivals?

Yes, the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers have a rivalry within the Eastern Conference. Because of the close proximity between Detroit and Indianapolis, the Pacers and Pistons have a rivalry that runs deep.

Who are the Detroit Pistons’ Biggest Rivals?

Thanks to repeated matchups against Michael Jordan’s legendary teams, the Pistons’ biggest rivalry is with the Chicago Bulls. The Bad Boy Pistons and Jordan’s Bulls played against each other in three consecutive postseasons from 1988-1990. The Pistons also have geographic rivalries with the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as historic rivalries with the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who are the Indiana Pacers’ Biggest Rivals?

Historically, the Pacers have an intense rivalry with the New York Knicks that dates back to the ‘90s when Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing were superstars. The Pacers also have rivalries with the Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.

Game Results Between the Pistons & Pacers

The Pistons and Pacers have played each other 209 times heading into the 2024 season, with Indiana narrowly holding the edge, 107-102. The Pistons have the longest win streak, rallying off nine consecutive wins between 1984-1985.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
04/07/2023PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit122-115
03/13/2023PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit117-97
03/11/2023PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana121-115
10/22/2022PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana124-115
04/03/2022PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit121-117
03/04/2022PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit111-106
12/16/2021PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana122-113
11/17/2021PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit97-89
04/24/2021PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana115-109
03/24/2021PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana116-111
02/11/2021PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana111-95
12/06/2019PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit108-101
11/08/2019PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana112-106
10/28/2019PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit96-94
10/23/2019PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit119-110
04/03/2019PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana108-89
04/01/2019PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana111-102
02/25/2019PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit113-109
12/28/2018PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana125-88
12/26/2017PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit107-83
12/15/2017PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit104-98
11/17/2017PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana107-100
11/08/2017PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit114-97
03/08/2017PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana115-98
02/04/2017PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana105-84
01/03/2017PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana121-116
12/17/2016PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana105-90
02/06/2016PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana112-104
01/02/2016PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana94-82
12/12/2015PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit118-96
11/03/2015PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana94-82
04/10/2015PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana107-103
02/04/2015PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana114-109
01/16/2015PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit98-96
12/26/2014PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit119-109
04/02/2014PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana101-94
03/15/2014PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana112-104
12/16/2013PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseDetroit101-96
11/05/2013PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana99-91
02/23/2013PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana90-72
02/22/2013PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana114-82
01/30/2013PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana98-79
12/15/2012PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaIndiana88-77
04/23/2012PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana103-97
12/31/2011PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit96-88
12/26/2011PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana91-79
03/30/2011PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana111-101
03/26/2011PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit100-88
02/23/2011PacersPistonsGainbridge FieldhouseIndiana102-101
02/16/2011PistonsPacersLittle Caesars ArenaDetroit115-109

Detroit Pistons vs. Indiana Pacers History

The most notable game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers was a regular season game on November 19, 2004. The Pacers had a commanding 15-point lead with less than a minute left in play. Pistons All-Star center Ben Wallace had a layup under the rim and was fouled hard from behind by Pacers small forward Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest).

A fight broke out between Wallace and Artest that expanded to several players from each team. Players were separated and things began to calm down until Artest, who was lying on the scorer’s table to hear if he’d be ejected, was hit with a drink from the stands by a Pistons fan. Artest, followed by several of his teammates, leapt into the stands and grabbed a fan to fight him. Drinks and punches were thrown amidst chaos and the scene escalated to a full fledged brawl between players from both teams and fans.

The incident is known as the “Malice at the Palace.” Nine players were suspended by the NBA, including Artest and Walace, who got a total of 146 games between them. Five players were charged with assault in court and five fans also received the same charges (in addition to being banned from Piston home games for life). The game was never completed and there hasn’t been an NBA incident between fans and players of that magnitude since.

Where Do the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons Play?

The home of the Indiana Pacers is Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Gainbridge Fieldhouse was originally opened in 1999 and went by Conseco Fieldhouse. The arena has a seating capacity of 17,274 for Pacers games but also hosts the Indiana Fever WNBA team and the Fort Wayne Mad Ants for the NBA G League.

Little Caesars Arena replaced the Palace at Auburn Hills as the Pistons’ home arena in 2017. It hosts both Pistons games and Detroit Red Wings NHL games. It has a max capacity of 20,332 for Pistons games and 19,515 for Red Wing games. Little Caesars Arena features a unique plastic roofed concourse which connects nearby offices and shops that surround the building.

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