Rocky Mountain Rivalry: Jazz vs. Nuggets History & Game Info

When Do the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz Play Next?

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Are the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz Rivals?

Yes, the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz maintain a long standing rivalry dating back to the NBA-ABA merger of 1976. Historically, the rivalry between the two teams becomes increasingly contentious in the postseason, where each team is 15-15 in their 30 cumulative contests against one another. The rivalry is further fueled by the fact that the Nuggets and the Jazz are the only two NBA franchises located in the Rocky Mountain region of the Western Conference.

Who are the Denver Nuggets’ Biggest Rivals?

Outside of their regional rivalry with the Jazz, the Denver Nuggets maintain competitive rivalries in the Northwest Division with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Nuggets have also fostered postseason rivalries with the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.

Who are the Utah Jazz’s Biggest Rivals?

Beyond their staunch opposition to the neighboring Denver Nuggets, the Utah Jazz have built deep-seated rivalries with the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Game Results Between the Jazz & Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz have played a total of 209 games in the regular season entering 2024, with the Jazz winning 123 games and the Nuggets winning 86 games. Things get more interesting in the postseason however, where the record sits dead even at 15-15 across 30 total playoff encounters.

DateHome TeamAway TeamLocationWinnerScore
04/08/2023JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah118-114
12/10/2022NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver115-110
10/28/2022NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver117-101
10/19/2022JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah123-102
02/02/2022JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah108-104
01/16/2022NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah125-102
01/05/2022NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah115-109
10/26/2021JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah122-110
05/07/2021JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah127-120
01/31/2021NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver128-117
01/17/2021NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah109-105
09/01/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver80-78
08/30/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver119-107
08/25/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver117-107
08/23/2020NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah129-127
08/21/2020NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah124-87
08/19/2020NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah124-105
08/17/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver135-125
08/08/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver134-132
02/05/2020JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver98-95
01/30/2020NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver106-100
04/09/2019JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah118-108
02/28/2019NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah111-104
01/23/2019JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah114-108
11/03/2018NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver103-88
01/05/2018NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver99-91
12/26/2017NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver107-83
11/28/2017JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah106-77
10/18/2017JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah106-96
01/24/2017NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver103-93
12/03/2016JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah105-98
11/23/2016JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah108-83
11/20/2016NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver105-91
04/10/2016NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah100-84
02/03/2016JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah85-81
12/18/2015JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah97-88
11/05/2015NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah96-84
04/01/2015JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah98-84
03/27/2015NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver107-91
02/27/2015NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah104-82
12/01/2014JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver103-101
04/12/2014NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver101-94
01/13/2014JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah118-103
12/13/2013NuggetsJazzBall ArenaUtah103-93
11/11/2013JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver100-81
04/03/2013JazzNuggetsDelta CenterDenver113-96
01/05/2013NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver110-91
11/26/2012JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah105-103
11/09/2012NuggetsJazzBall ArenaDenver104-84
03/23/2012JazzNuggetsDelta CenterUtah121-102

Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz History

The rivalry between the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz dates back to their first clash in the Western Conference playoffs in 1984. In that series, the Jazz narrowly edged out the Nuggets, 3-2, in a high scoring, back and forth showdown. The following year, the Nuggets returned the favor, edging out the Jazz, 4-1, in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Nearly a decade later, in 1994, the Jazz and the Nuggets met again in the Western Conference Semifinals with the Jazz taking the series, 4-3.

In 2010, the rivalry deepened when the Jazz knocked off the Nuggets, four games to two, in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs. In 2020 the Nuggets got revenge, narrowly beating out the Jazz, 4-3, in the Western Conference first round.

Where Do the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets Play?

Utah Jazz home games are played at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a seating capacity of 18,306 seats, the Delta Center has also been home to the Utah Starzz Women’s National Basketball Association team, as well as the Utah Blaze Arena Football League team. The stadium has an expanded capacity of over 20,000 seats for concerts and special events. In 2002, the arena was host to the figure skating and short track speed skating competitions for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

The Denver Nuggets play their home games at Ball Arena, located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. With a seating capacity of 18,000 seats, Ball Arena also hosts Colorado Avalanche home games in the National Hockey League and Colorado Mammoth home games in the National Lacrosse League. In the past, Ball Arena has hosted Ultimate Fighting Championship events and WWE professional wrestling events.

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