How Far Have Fans Traveled to See the Artists They Love?

While our passion for music is what moves us to attend concerts, it’s planes, trains, and automobiles that actually get us there. How far have you traveled to see a show? When we posed this question on Twitter for #TravelTuesday, we were amazed by how far some fans travel for a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.

The responses we received got us wondering how far fans usually travel to see a show. Looking at Ticketmaster ticket sales, we found that the average fan travels 43 miles to attend a concert1. Some diehard music fans roam even further – about 10% of ticket buyers have traversed 100+ miles to see a show2. And why wouldn’t they? Planning concert road trips to see one of your favorite artists is half the fun.

As for travel time, the Live Nation Festival Fan Study 2014 found that concert attendees spend an average of 1.54 hours total in the car, while festival attendees average 3.14 hours behind the wheel3.

And then there are those willing to hop on a plane for a show – some fans even cross the Atlantic to catch their favorite bands.

Here are some of our favorite Tweets from people who’ve gone the distance (and then some) to see the artists they love.

300 Mile Trip to see Twenty One Pilots

8 Hours (One Way!) for the Jonas Brothers

Truckin’ 950 Miles to see the Grateful Dead

From Virginia to Toronto for U2

8 Hours on the Road for Fall Out Boy and Paramore

6 Hours of Driving to Dance With Taylor Swift in Baton Rouge

A 9 Hour Trip To Dallas to Get “Radioactive” with Imagine Dragons

From Georgia to Indiana for One Night With One Direction

Jumping across the Pond to Rock Out in London with 5 Seconds of Summer

Getting International (3 Times) with One Direction

From Las Vegas to Montreal to Get “Closer” to Kings of Leon

5,000 Miles and 15 States Later…The One and Only Bruce Springsteen

From Sunny LA to Crisp Canada to Rock with the Rolling Stones

5 Hours to See Fifth Harmony – How Fitting

22 Hours for Rascal Flatts – After All, “Life Is a Highway”

Drove 45 Hours (um, that’s a LONG DRIVE!!!) for 5 Seconds of Summer

TX to MA for 1D

Hitting Two Different States for One Direction

If you’ve experienced a long distance concert like some of the fans above, consider yourself an elite concert road tripper! Share how far you’ve traveled to see a concert tour or show with us at @Ticketmaster on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Then, have a listen to the concert road trip playlist below curated by Ticketmaster staff. So would you walk 500 miles?

1. Ticketmaster database, 2015.
2. Ticketmaster database, 2015.
3. Live Nation Festival Fan Study, 2014.

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